Daedo and Marvel launch striking Superheroes Taekwondo collection

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Barcelona, November 11 // Daedo and Marvel presented a revolutionary Taekwondo equipment line that is meant to change the relationship between children and our sport from now on. Ironman style electronic chest protectors, Spiderman chest protectors, and Captain america forearm, shin and hand guards will be available from early 2018 for all children aged between 4 and 13 around the world.

This innovative project by Daedo and Marvel, whose presentation was attended by Taekwondo personalities from 10 countries (USA, Mexico, Argentina, Russia, China, Korea, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom and Italy), aims to attract children to Taekwondo through a more exciting and fun development of our sport. The objective is to help kids develop their natural speed, agility and strength needs by practicing our sport in a enjoyable environment to keep them motivated and avoid them quitting too early. Is there a better way to motivate a child than making him or her feel like a superhero? It is hard not to agree with the Daedo-Marvel spirit.

Superheroes represent the 5 values of Taekwondo: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit. And there is no need to explain this to children around the world, they just know their idols are the best representatives of these qualities, it’s natural to them to see Spiderman, Hulk, Captain America and Ironman in that way.

The packaging from all these apparel will also be special. Kids will no longer take their equipment from a single plastic bag, the Taekwondo materials will become a present for them.

On top of this new collection from Daedo stands the Ironman electronic chest protector, which features an extractable flash light and beep sounding heart that will become a unique experience for the kids every time they score through a Taekwondo action.

The collaboration includes not only competition Taekwondo equipment, but also technical shirts that can be used before the fights and as a casual t-shirt as well.

The Marvel collection from Daedo is expected to feature more superheroes in the future, such as Thor, Hulk and other children idols. Reservations for the Superheroes collection can be made at Daedo’s early in 2018 (



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