4th KTA Kyokpa Championship

Date(s) - 09.12.2012
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The Kyokpa (breaking) Championship organized by KTA was held on the 9th of December at Young-In University in Korea. It was the 4th edition of this event which proceeded in two divisions: technical breaking and power breaking.

The winner of the technical breaking division, Jong-kon Lee, twenty-one years old, got 611 points in total after defeating Hoon-jik Kang, who was last year’s champion. Jong-kon Lee is actually one of the members of the Korean National Demonstration Team.

Jong-kon Lee said “I didn’t expect to win since there are many athletes with similar technical level as me. But I am really pleased to be the champion of the last competition of year breaking down the jinx I have this year, as I had been eliminated in the preliminary round several times”.

The technical breaking division was categorized in 6 different sub-divisions: high kick, consecutive back spin, 3 breakings with 3 kicks in the air, 2 jumping and turning kicks, air spin with 3 kicks and freestyle breaking.

Technical Breaking: 2 jumping and turning kicks

Young-hee Choi (52 years) became the champion of the power breaking division with 350 points in total getting rid of Hee-joong Yoon (320 points) and Sang-chul Moon(320 points).

Choi stated “my weight was over 120kg three years ago but as I prepared for the competition, I lost 30kg through training. I guess it was the secret of my victory. If possible, I would challenge to be the winner again next year” revealed his ambition.

The total points to decide the champion of the power breaking division were given by adding the points of different styles (1 style was chosen from fist, sonnal, side kick and back kick), jump-and-turn kick and other sub-divisions.

The prizes of 3 million Korean Won (=2800US$), 1 million Korean Won (=930US$) and 500 thousand Korean Won (=470US$) were rewarded to the three best of each division together with a trophy and a certificate.

[WTM Sung-jin Park]

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