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Date(s) - 16.02.2013 - 17.02.2013
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Youth TK-5 Team Championships in Surinam

Three Taekwondo Teams made of children between the ages of 9 and 11 years old took part in a TK-5 competition in Surinam last 16th of February. All the kids from the three squads, who came from Surinam, Aruba and French Guiana, really enjoyed the event, as they had a lot of fun fighting with official Daedo materials in front of their parents and against children from other countries. In the end, Aruba proved to have the highest level of Taekwondo and took comfortably the title, which wasn’t the most relevant thing of the competition at all.

Category: Youth (9-11 years old)


- Aruba vs French Guiana: 56 – 16

- Aruba vs Surinam: 94 – 11

- Aruba vs Surinam (Final): 64 – 8

Winner Team ‘s composition (Aruba): Marc Giel, Jendrique Gumbs, David Lont, Hakeem Lowe and Rasheed Lowe. Coach: Robert Giel.

Referee: Grand Master Chaco José Cornelio (Olympian – Aruba)

The President of Brazil Taekwondo Foundation in Aruba, Alberto Klaber, did also attend the event.



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