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European Qualification Tournament for Rio 2016: Preview and Day 1 Draws

European Qualification Tournament for Rio 2016: Preview and Day 1 Draws

We’re about to know which European athletes will grab the 16 remaining tickets for Rio 2016 as Istanbul, Turkey is ready to hold the European Qualification Tournament for the biggest sports event in the world next weekend (16-17 January).
The Tournament will take place at WOW Istanbul Hotels & Convention Center with Daedo as the official PSS of the event as it will be in the Olympics too.
The Draw of lots will be held on Friday and all athletes will be seeded according to the WTF Global Ranking as per 31 December 2015. The draw sheets and brackets will be available one (1) day before the start of the competition of the respective weight category.
Draws: Day 1 / Day 2
Qualification rules
If a NOC has qualified a minimum of two (2) male and a minimum of two (2) female athletes through the WTF Olympic Ranking, it cannot participate in Continental Qualification Tournament unless it relinquishes quota places obtained through the WTF Olympic Ranking in the respective gender. Only NOCs which have qualified less than two (2) athletes per gender can participate in the ETU Qualification Tournament.
The top two (2) ranked men and women athletes of each weight category from Europe will qualify his/her NOC for the Olympic Games from the continental qualification tournament held in Europe; making a total of eight (8) men and eight (8) women. The loser to 1st placed athlete in the semi-final shall be classified as 3rd place.
An NOC can participate in the continental qualification tournament so
long as:
• The applying weight categories in the continental qualification tournament are not those already qualified through Olympic Ranking; and
• The number of the athletes qualified through Olympic Ranking of the pertinent NOC does not exceed the maximum quota of two (2) men and two (2) women respectively.
Athletes in competition


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