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16-year-old Cuban fighter dies during combat

16-year-old Cuban fighter dies during combat

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There was no health care in the sports complex to save his life
In the last hours, a video showing the death of a young 16-year-old Taekwondo fighter has gone viral on social media. The footage shows the athlete collapsing while participating in the National School Games, a national tournament in Santiago de Cuba.
According to ‘Engánchate a lo cubano’, sources close to the event said that the young man was taking medication to lose weight and that could have caused a reaction that led to the heart attack.
What can be seen in the video is how the young blue-collar sportsman collapses in the middle of the battle and his rival, in red, not knowing what was going on, begins to celebrate the victory. Then, the referee and his assistants and various enthusiasts approached the young sportsman to try to resuscitate him, but there were no health care in the arena that could save the young man.
Local authorities have not yet disclosed the identity of the deceased.

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