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1st day results – European Cadet Championships

The results of the first day of competition (July 7th) at the European Cadet Championships are:

Male A -33kg

1) Akbas, Selahattin (TUR)
2) Eloidin, Yohann (FRA)
3) Kavtaradze, Beka (GEO)
3) Babenko, Dmitry (RUS)

Male A -37kg

1) Bukin, Ilya (RUS)
2) Burdakov, Mykyta (UKR)
3) Chiovetta, Daniel (GER)
4) Mirzoyan, Karen (ARM)

Female A -29kg

1) Sen, Busra (TUR)
2) Carbo Gonzalez, Goizane (ESP)
3) Perciun, Ana- Camelia (MDA)
3) Salow, Tabea (GER)

Female A -33kg

1) Yarpazoglu, Binhan (TUR)
2) Federici, Giuliana (GER)
3) Oliver Hernandez, Marta (ESP)
3) Reizbegovic, Ajla (BIH)

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