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2012 US Open Kicks Off

The 2012 US Open Taekwondo Championships kicked off on February 21st in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA).

The competition gathered 1,632 athletes from 54 countries, including Mexico, Canada, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Great Britain and France, and will last 4 days.

Having received a G-2 rating from the World Taekwondo Federation, the U.S. Open is one of the open competitions with the highest ranking. 

The Open is divided into Sparring and Poomsae in both Junior and Senior categories.

With around 30 confirmed Olympic competitors such as Maria del Rosario Espinoza (Mexico), Karine Sergerie (Canada), Ana Zaninovic and Lucija Zaninovic (Croatia), Yulis Gabriel Mercedes (Dominican Republic), this competition can be considered as a sneak preview of London 2012.  

Other outstanding athletes such as Pascal Gentil (France), Aaron Cook (Great Britain), Lamyaa Bekkali (Morocco), and Yvette Yong (Canada) will be also competing.

The London 2012 Olympics official PSS, Daedo TK-Strike, will be used in the sparring competitions. The USAT is currently using the Daedo PSS.


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