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Rio 2018 World Military Champs – Day 4: China confirms its reign with 5 titles

Rio 2018 World Military Champs – Day 4: China confirms its reign with 5 titles

24th World Military Taekwondo Championships
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
19-23 November 2018
G-1 category event
Day 4 – Report
China won 2 more gold medals on the closing day at Rio 2018 World Military Taekwondo Championships to confirm its domination on top of the medal count with 5 titles.
Italy and Morocco were the other nations to taste glory on Sunday with their first gold medal in the event.
The Chinese fighters who certified the reign of their country in Rio were: Chen Wanxia, who completed a superb performance in the Women’s -53 kg division after outscoring the local hope of the category, Leonor Dias, in the big final of the draw: and Zhan Tianrui, who reached the top of the Women’s -57 kg podium after defeating Chelokhsaeva from Russia in the gold medal match.
Day 4 – Final Podiums
Female’s -53 kg
1 – Gold: Chen Wanxia (CHN)
2 – Silver: Leonor Dias (BRA)
3 – Bronze: Roxana Nothraft (GER)
3 – Bronze: Erica Nicoli (ITA)
Female’s -57 kg
1 – Gold: Zhan Tianrui (CHN)
2 – Silver: Anisiia Chelokhsaeva (RUS)
3 – Bronze: Anna-Lena Fromming (GER)
Male’s -63 kg
1 – Gold: Simone Crescenzi (ITA)
2 – Silver: Wang Hairui (CHN)
3 – Bronze: Hamad Al-Mabrouk (KSA)
3 – Bronze: Hadi Valipour (IRI)
Male’s -74 kg
1 – Gold: Khalid Daoudi (MAR)
2 – Silver: Nikita Kriveichenko (RUS)
3 – Bronze: Temuujin Purejav (MGL)
3 – Bronze: Charlles Goltara (BRA)
Special Awards for the Tournament
Best Female Teams
1st Place: China
2nd Place: Brazil
3rd Place: Canada
Best Male Teams
1st Place: Iran
2nd Place: Russia
3rd Place: China
Individual Awards
Best Female Player:
Chen Wanxia (CHN)
Best Male Player:
Hamid Reza Sadri (IRI)
Best Referee:
Zhu Linfang (CHN)
Best Coach:
Mohammadreza Zavar (IR)
Day 3 – Report
Iran and China won their 3rd gold medal at Rio 2018 World Military Taekwondo Championships after Li Zhaoyi (CHN) and Amir Bakshi (IRI) respectively reached the top of the Women’s -49 kg and Men’s -68 kg podiums on Saturday at Almirante Adalberto Nunes Physical Education Center (CEFAN).
Saturday was also the day for Brazil and Russia to taste their second title in the event. Milena Titoneli dominated the Women’s -67 kg division after defeating Korndl from Germany in the final match; while Rafail Aiukaev from Russia proved to be the strongest competitor in Men’s +87 kg after getting rid of Jian from China in the last match of the draw.
Day 3 – Final Podiums
Female’s -49 kg
1 – Gold: Li Zhaoyi (CHN)
2 – Silver: Iris Sing Tang (BRA)
3 – Bronze: Ozlem Guruz (GER)
Female’s -67 kg
1 – Gold: Milena Titoneli (BRA)
2 – Silver: Vanessa Korndl (GER)
3 – Bronze: Cristiana Rizzelli (ITA)
Male’s -68 kg
1 – Gold: Amir Bakshi (IRI)
2 – Silver: Vladimir Dalakliev (BUL)
3 – Bronze: Viacheslav Minin (RUS)
3 – Bronze: Edival Quirino (BRA)
Male’s +87 kg
Gold: Rafail Aiukaev (RUS)
Silver: Tian Jian (CHN)
Bronze: Maicon Siqueira (BRA)
Bronze: Fraily Mora (DOM)
Day 2 – Report
Canada and Iran tasted their second gold at Rio 2018 World Military Championships on Friday thanks to Yvette Yong (CAN) and Sadri Hamid’s (IRI) victories on Friday at Almirante Adalberto Nunes Physical Education Center (CEFAN). Yong proved to be the strongest fighter of the Women’s -46 kg draw after defeating the local idol Valeria Rodrigues in the big final, while Hamid stepped on top of the Men’s -54 kg podium after beating Abdulelah from Saudi Arabia in the gold medal match of the division.
The other titles of the day were awarded to Brazil, who grabbed its first gold medal at home through Raiany Fidelis, and Russia, who reached the top of the podium for the first time in the event thanks to Kamalov.
Day 2 – Final Podiums
Female’s -46 kg
1 – Gold: Yvette Yong (CAN)
2 – Silver: Valeria Rodrigues (BRA)
3 – Bronze: Mariia Smirnova (RUS)
Female’s -73 kg
1 – Gold: Raiany Fidelis (BRA)
2 – Silver: Maristella Smiraglia (ITA)
3 – Bronze: Liu Junhong (CHN)
Male’s -54 kg
1 – Gold: Sadri Hamid (IRI)
2 – Silver: Yahya Abdulelah (KSA)
3 – Bronze: Ye Junren (CHN)
3 – Bronze: Paulo Souza (BRA)
Male’s -87 kg
1 – Gold: Rafael Kamalov (RUS)
2 – Silver: Alexander Bachmann (GER)
3 – Bronze: Jordan Drake Stewart
3 – (CAN) Bronze: Joao Chaves (BRA)
Day 1 – Report
China was the only team to step on top of the podium in more than 1 occasion after the first day of competition of the Rio 2018 World Military Taekwondo Championships was completed on Thursday. Li Chen and Huang Jiannan respectively became the new Women’s +73 and Men’s -80 kg champions, placing their country on top of the medal count with 2 titles. Canada and Iran were the other two teams to taste gold on Thursday thanks to Kraayeveld’s (CAN) and Kazemifoushazdeh’s (IRI) victory in the W-62 and M-58 divisions.
Day 1 – Final Podiums
Female’s -62 kg
1 – Gold: Ashley Kraayeveld (CAN)
2 – Silver: Rabia Bachmann (GER)
3 – Bronze: Barbara Dias (BRA)
3 – Bronze: Laura Roebben (BEL)
Female +73kg
1 – Gold: Li Chen (CHN)
2 – Silver: Gabrielle Ribeiro (BRA)
3 – Bronze: Katherine Rodriguez (DOM)
Male’s -58 kg
1 – Gold: Mohamed Kazemifoushazdeh (IRI)
2 – Silver: Liang Yushuai (CHN)
3 – Bronze: Aleksei Rudnik (RUS)
3 – Bronze: Tumembayar Molom (MGL)
Male’s -80 kg
1 – Gold: Huang Jiannan (CHN)
2 – SIlver: Moises Hernandez (DOM)
3 – Bronze: Tahir Gulec (GER)
3 – Bronze: Dmitrii Evtukhov (RUS)
The Physical Education Center Admiral Adalberto Nunes (CEFAN) will host between November 29 and December 3, 2018, the 24th World Military Taekwondo Championships, a competition included in the International Military Sports Council (CISM) calendar, coordinated by the Ministries of Defense and Sports of Brazil and organized by Navy of Brazil (MB).
The competitions will take place in the Amazon Blue Gym and will involve about 340 military athletes from 25 countries such as Germany, Bulgaria, Canada, China, United States, Iran, Italy and Russia. Many of these athletes are part of the High Sport setting global income and incentive programs to the sport of the military, such as the Olympic Program of the Navy (Prolim).
Top athletes in the global Taekwondo scene have confirmed their presence at the event. Among them, Anastasia Gurkaia (+ 67kg), Russia, bronze in the Olympics in London in 2012; Terrence Jennings (-68Kg), USA, bronze in the Olympics in London in 2012; Luisito Pie (-58Kg), Dominican Republic, bronze in the Olympics in Rio in 2016; Alexander Bachmann from Germany, M-87 kg world champion inMuju 2017; Yvette Yong (-46Kg), Canada’s leader in the world ranking in her category; and Armin Seighlani (-54Kg), Iran, leader of the current world ranking in his category.
In addition to these athletes, other Brazilians fighters are confirmed for the event: Edival Marques Quirino Bridges (MB), the Olympic champion of Youth 2014 World Junior 2014 and the Pan-American in 2018 in the senior category (-68Kg); Raiany Fidelis Pereira (MB), Pan-American champion in 2018 and voted best player of the competition (-73Kg); Iris Silva Sing Tang (EB) Pan-American champion in 2014, bronze in 2015 World Championship in Russia, champion of the 6th Military World Games (MWG) of Korea 2015 (-49Kg); and Maicon de Andrade Siqueira (FAB), bronze in 2016 (+ 87kg).
Stay connected to WTM to know the latest results on the event!

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