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4 atheletes represent GB taekwondo at the London 2012 Olympic Games

The British Olympic Association (BOA) has announced four athletes as selected to represent Team GB in taekwondo at the London 2012 Olympic Games.
The selected athletes are:
Jade Jones : women’s -57kg (age: 19, born: Bodelwyddan, lives: Manchester)
Sarah Stevenson : women’s -67kg (age: 29, born: Doncaster, lives: Manchester)
Martin Stamper : men’s -68kg (age: 25, born: Liverpool, lives: Manchester)
Lutalo Muhammad : men’s -80kg (age: 21, born: London , lives: Manchester)
Martin Stamper said:

“The support is going to be amazing. Even at the European Championships in Manchester recently, the atmosphere was crazy. I looked at the crowd celebrating after winning my second round fight and there must have been about a thousand people on their feet screaming. That was in a smaller arena with a lot less people than will be watching in London, so I can’t imagine what the Olympics is going to be like.
“If I fight my own game and fight to the best of my potential then I can achieve anything. I don’t want to put pressure on myself but I could get gold if I have four fights at my best and things go my way. It could happen.”
Sarah Stevenson said:

“This will be my fourth Olympics and me and the sport have come a long way since my first Games. When I went to Sydney in 2000, I was only 17 and hardly anyone knew what taekwondo was. But that’s all changed and I don’t even think you can class it as a so-called minority sport anymore.
“I might have been the first person to go to an Olympics and win at the Worlds, but more players are winning so much these days and that will kind of take the pressure off me in London.
“If I win gold that will top everything I have ever achieved. But that might not happen because that’s the way sport is. Just because you are the best doesn’t mean you are going to win, but of course I will try like mad to win gold.”
Jade Jones said:

“I’m buzzing. I had a big disappointment at the European Championships when I didn’t win a gold, but I think it was a blessing in disguise. I have things to work on now and make sure I am 100 percent right for the Olympics.
“I got hooked on the Olympics after watching Beijing in 2008, and I remember thinking I wanted to be there and part of it. Now I will be, and that’s an incredible feeling for me.
“I try and imagine what it’s going to be like when I go out for my first fight, but I don’t think I can. I just can’t wait for it to begin now. Friends and family have got their tickets so they’re excited by the thought of coming to watch me.”
Lutalo Muhammad said:

“I know that there are some formalities to tie up with the BOA but I am just pleased the Selection Panel has such confidence in me. Throughout all the headlines my focus was always on my training. I have trained ever since the announcement that I was going to the Olympics.” “When I get to London all I can do is perform to the best of my ability,any outside pressure or whatever other people will say, I won’t let it affect me. My desire and will to win is very strong. I will give it my all. I am not really concerned about what anyone else might say. I don’t feel under any extra pressure other than that I put on myself.”
(Source= GB Taekwondo)[:]

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