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Montreux 2016 European Championships – Day 4: Great Britain shines with 3rd title as Russia takes 2nd and Belarus and Croatia clinch 1st

Montreux 2016 European Championships – Day 4: Great Britain shines with 3rd title as Russia takes 2nd and Belarus and Croatia clinch 1st

22nd European Senior Championships
Salle omnisports du Pierrier
Montreux, Switzerland
G-4 category event
Draws: Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 / Day 4
Round by round results: Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 / Day 4
Day 4 – Report
Great Britain closed its performance at European Senior Championships 2016 with a third gold medal after the fourth day of action in Montreux was completed, finishing as the nation with more titles in the event. Russia collected its second gold on Sunday, as Belarus and Croatia grabbed their first gold medal.
Reigning world champion Bianca Walkden added another gold to her collection after beating Nafia Kus from Turkey by 5-4 in the Women’s +73 kg final, leaving the bronzes of the division to Ivanova from Russia and Simon from Spain, who med her way until the Semi-finals of the draw.
In Women’s -73 kg, Iva Rados dominated the draw after getting rid of Milica Mandic from Serbia by a close 1-0 in the regular time to give Croatia its first gold in the event. The lower step of the podium was occupied by Matjasevic from Macedonia and Oogink from Netherlands.
Vladislav Larin from Russia clinched the second title for his country after edging Yeremian from Armenia by 1-0 in the Men’s -87 kg crucial fight, with Jovanov from Serbia and Oughaz from Azerbaijan tasting bronze.
In Men’s +87 kg, Arman Silla from Belarus proved to be stronger than Roman Kuznetsov from Russia by 11-10 in a spectacular final match, leaving the lower step of the podium for Hatowski from Poland and El Yazidi from France.
Day 4 – Final Podiums
Women’s -73 kg
1 – Iva Rados (CRO)
2 – Milica Mandic (SRB)
3 – Petra Matjasevic (MKD)
3 – Reshmie Oogink (NED)
Women’s +73 kg
1 – Bianca Walkden (GBR)
2 – Nafia Kus (TUR)
3 – Olga Ivanova (RUS)
3 – Rosanna Simon Alamo (ESP
Women’s -87 kg
1 – Vladislav Larin (RUS)
2 – Arman Yeremyan (ARM)
3 – Drasko Jovanov (SRB)
3 – Payam Ghobadi Oughaz (AZE)
Men’s +87 kg
1 – Arman-Marshall Silla (BLR)
2 – Roman Kuzentsov (RUS)
3 – Piotr Hatowski (POL)
3 – Omar El Yazidi (FRA)
Day 3 – Report
Great Britain, Portugal and Turkey won their second gold at European Senior Champs on Saturday as Azerbaijan took its first title in the event.
The Portuguese Julio Ferreria dominated the Men’s -74 kg category after gettind rid of Toni Kanaet from Croatia by 5-3 in the gold medal match, leaving the bronzes to Treviso from Italy and Corten from Belgium.
In Men’s -80 kg, Milad Beigi Marchegani from Azerbaijan reigned over the rest of contendants as he defeated Yunus Sari from Turkey by a comfortable 5-0 in the crucial fight. The lower step of the podium was taken by azinski from Poland and Aaron Cook from Moldova, who lost their Semi-final clashes against the finalists.
The second title for Turkey was grabbed by irem Yaman, who proved to be the strongest athlete in Women’s -62 kg after clearly beating Madga Wiet from France in the last match of the draw by 5-0. rotolo from Italy and Gulec from Germany shared the lower step of the podium in the medal ceremony.
In Men’s -67 kg, Lauren Williams climbed to the top of the podium to give Great Britain its second title of the event after edging Nur Tatar from Turkey in the big final by a close 5-4, with Jelic from Croatia and Niare from France sharing the bronze of the division.
Day 3 – Final Podiums
Category: Seniors Male A -74 / Light (33 competitors)
1 – Ferreira, Julio
Portugal National Team POR
2 – Kanaet, Toni
Croatia National Team CRO
3 – Corten, Nicholas
Belgian National Team BEL
3 – Treviso, Claudio
Italy National Team ITA
Category: Seniors Male A -80 / Welter (25 competitors)
1 – Beigi Harchegani, Milad
Azerbaijan National Team AZE
2 – Sari, Yunus
Turkey National Team TUR
3 – Pazinski, Piotr
Poland National Team POL
3 – Cook, Aaron
Moldova National Team MDA
Category: Seniors Female A -62 / Light (24 competitors)
1 – Yaman, Irem
Turkey National Team TUR
2 – Wiet Henin, Magda
France National Team FRA
3 – Güleç, Rabia
Germany National Team GER
3 – Rotolo, Daniela
Italy National Team ITA
Category: Seniors Female A -67 / Welter (23 competitors)
1 – Williams, Lauren
Great Britain National Team GBR
2 – Tatar, Nur
Turkey National Team TUR
3 – Jelic, Matea
Croatia National Team CRO
3 – Niare, Haby
France National Team FRA
Day 2 – Report
Belgium won its second gold medal of the event as Great Britain, Russia and Turkey clinched their first tile on the second day of action at European Senior Champs 2016.
Jaouad Achab reigned in Men’s -63 to become the second Belgian athlete to climb to the top of the podium in Montreux. Achab dominated the final against the Polish representative, Jaroslaw Mecmajer, whom he defeated by 8-2 in the regular time. The bronze medalists of the division ended up being Joel Gonzalez from Spain, reigning Olympic champion, and Steven Barclais from France.
In Men’s -68 kg, the reigning world and Olympic champion Servet Tazegul added another gold medal to his collection after beating Adnan-Karim from Germany by 6-5 in the crucial fight. This is the fifth gol medal for Tazegul in the European Senior Championships, an stunning record that seems impossible to beat at the moment. The Armenian Vardazarian, who lost to the German by a clear 14-0 in Semis, and Russian Minin, who had no chance against the Turkish (15-5), were awarded with the bronze medals of the category.
Tatiana Kudashova took the first title for the Russian team in Montreux after getting rid of Abakarova from Azerbaijan in the big final of the Women’s -53 kg by a close margin: 4-3. The had previously defeated Agris from Turkey and Liborio from France in the Semi-finals of the draw, who had to content themselves with the bronzes.
In Women’s -57 kg, the current Olympic champion and world number 1 Jade Jones (GBR) took the first gold medal for Great Britain after edging Nikita Glasnovic from Sweden by 11-5 in the gold medal match. Asemani from Belgium and Azubcic from Croatia took the lower step of the final podium.
Day 2 – Final Podiums
Category: Seniors Male A -63 / Bantam (30 competitors)
1 – Achab, Jaouad
Belgian National Team BEL
2 – Mecmajer, Jaroslaw
Poland National Team POL
3 – Barclais, Stevens
France National Team FRA
3 – Gonzalez Bonilla, Joel
Spain National Team ESP
Category: Seniors Male A -68 / Feather (35 competitors)
1 – Tazegul, Servet
Turkey National Team TUR
2 – Adnan-Karim, Hamza
Germany National Team GER
3 – Vardazaryan, Sergey
Armenia National Team ARM
3 – Minin, Konstantin
Russia National Team RUS
Category: Seniors Female A -53 / Bantam (25 competitors)
1 – Kudashova, Tatiana
Russia National Team RUS
2 – Abakarova, Patimat
Azerbaijan National Team AZE
3 – Agris, Zeliha
Turkey National Team TUR
3 – Liborio, Floriane
France National Team FRA
Category: Seniors Female A -57 / Feather (26 competitors)
1 – Jones, Jade
Great Britain National Team GBR
2 – Glasnovic, Nikita
Sweden National Team SWE
3 – Asemani, Raheleh
Belgian National Team BEL
3 – Zubcic, Martina
Croatia National Team CRO
Day 1 – Report
Belgium, Portugal, Serbia and Ukraine won the first 4 gold medals of the European Senior Championships 2016 after respectively reigning in Men’s -54, Men’s -58, Women’s -49 and Women’s -46 kg categories in the inaugural day of action at Salle omnisports du Pierrier.
The Belgian hero on Thursday was Mourad Laachraoui, who defeated no other than Jesus Tortosa from Spain in the Men’s -54 kg division final by 6-3. Russians Artamonov and Denisov shared the lower step of the podium after being awarded with the bronze medals.
The most successful athlete for Portugal was Rui Bragança, who tasted gold in Montreux after beating Ron Atias from Israel in the crucial fight of the Men’s -58 kg division by 1-0 thanks to a sudden death point in the extra time. Poiseev clinched the third bronze of the day for Russia after losing to Bragança in the Semis, while the other bronze medal was taken by the British representative Feyl Pearce.
In Women’s -46 kg, the Ukrainian Irina Romoldanova gave no chance to her opponent in the gold medal match, one of the two Spanish representatives to make it to a final on Thursday, Blanca Palmer, defeating the Spaniard by 3-0. Mustapha from France and Turkish Yildirim shared the lower step of the podium after grabbing the first bronze medals for their countries.
Tijana Bogdanovic dominated in Women’s -49 kg after clearley getting rid of Ana Petrusic from Slovenia in the last fight of the draw by a comfortable 7-0. Ana Zaninovic from Croatia and Russian Lychagina, third bronze medallist for her country, were awarded with the bronzes of the division.
Day 1 – Final Podiums
Men’s -54 kg
1 – Laachraoui, Mourad, BEL (185)
2 – Tortosa Cabrera, Jesus, ESP (203)
3 – Denisov, Stanislav, RUS (200)
3 – Artamonov, Mikhail, RUS (199)
Men’s -58 kg
1 – Braganca, Rui, POR (229)
2 – Atias, Ron, ISR (223)
3 – Pearce, Feyi, GBR (220)
3 – Poiseev, Ruslan, RUS (231)
Women’s -46 kg
1 – Romoldanova, Iryna, UKR (27)
2 – Palmer Soler, Blanca, ESP (26)
3 – Mustapha, Hajer, FRA (18)
3 – Yildirim, Rukiye, TUR (387)
Women’s -49 kg
1 – Bogdanovic, Tijana, SRB (43)
2 – Petrusic, Ana, SLO (45)
3 – Zaninovic, Lucija, CRO (30)
3 – Lychagina, Alexandra, RUS (41)

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