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6th International Taekwondo Symposium

The Taekwondo Promotion Foundation (Chairman: Jong-Shin Bae) will hold the 6th International Taekwondo Symposium at the Seoul Olympic Parktel, on September 3rd.
The symposium will be held in cooperation with the University of California, Berkeley, under the title of “Olympic spirit and Taekwondo”.
The purpose for this year’s symposium is to present the practice of Olympic spirit through Taekwondo, the positive influence it exerts on youth education, and in general, to highlight the value of Taekwondo.
Some of the attendants of the symposium are IOC member Patric Chamunda, Philip Coles, who is a former IOC member and Vice-president of the WTF, WTF President Choue, and other IOC members. President Ahmed Fouly will deliver the keynote speech.
The symposium will take place in two sessions. Session 1 will consist of a presentation by Franjo Prot, President of the Croatian Taekwondo Federation and professor at the University of Zagreb, under the title of “How to put into practice the Olympic spirit through Taekwondo”. He will talk about the role of organizations and individuals, new techniques for intensive Taekwondo training, and the importance of the Olympic spirit in athletes, coaches, referees, judges, etc. The discussion on the topic will be lead by professor Russel Ahn from UC Berkeley, professor Kim Dong-Hwan from Hanyang University, professor Joong-Hun Kim from Yong In University, etc.
During session 2, professor Kyoo-Hyung Lee from Gyemyeong University will give a presentation about “Taekwondo and youth personality education”. He will present the importance of moral and ethics education, which are still very important in Taekwondo, and will emphasize the positive influence that the training of Taekwondo and the morals can exert on society.
The discussion about the presentation will be lead by Adrian Tranter, Chair of British Taekwondo, Pimol Srivikorn, President of the Taekwondo Association of Thailand, and professor Kook-Hyun Jeong from the Korean National Sport University.
There will be also a time for questions during a general debate, which will be open for participation to everyone.
The final report regarding the symposium will be sent to IOC members, world sport leaders, etc. to promote the value of Taekwondo.
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