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7th World Taekwondo Open: Germany triumphs in front of Colombia and Dominican Republic

7th World Taekwondo Open: Germany triumphs in front of Colombia and Dominican Republic

After the conclusion of the World Training Camp, which got together around 370 athletes from 11 different countries from last Sunday March 24th until Friday 29th, La Loma High Performance Centre facilites (Mexico) hosted the 7th edition of the World Taekwondo Open.
The event took place during last weekend (March 30-31st) with around 1,456 parrticipants -including fighters and coaches- and a large number of spectators attending the crucial matches.
The Senior categories went into action on Sunday, with all the National Teams that were previously training at La Loma delighting the audience. The most spectacular combat of the competition was the Senior Male -58 kg final, where the Costa Rican Heiner Oviedo, Olympic at London 2012, beat the German Levent Tuncat, double European champion and Olympic at Beijing 2008, by 4 points.
In the end, Germany ended up leading the final team standings in front of Colombia, second, and Dominican Republic, third. Australia nearly reached the podium but had to content with the 4th place, followed by Costa Rica, 5th, Puerto Rico, 6th, and Belgium, 7th.
The organization decided to use Daedo PSS to help the officials decide the final score and the Spanish system performed correctly during the two days of competition.
Pau Aguilar
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