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9th Jakarta Taekwondo Festival gets together 2,252 athletes

9th Jakarta Taekwondo Festival gets together 2,252 athletes

The 9th Jakarta Taekwondo Festival (JTF) was held at the POPKI Sport Hall Cibubur, East Jakarta, between February 1 and 2. A total of 2,252 athletes, who came from various parts of Indonesia and even from Singapore, competed for the nine championship titles in play.
All championships were organized by the International Taekwondo Academy (ITA), an organization that takes care of young children’s creativity up to the adult age. In its events, participants from six year old fight each other to improve their performances in difference sports, especially Taekwondo.
The Jakarta Taekwondo Festival is a professional event managed by experienced staff that uses the International Scoring System for Kyorugi and Poomsae, but it really is the volunteer staff who make this a successful and well organized competition year after year. It always reaches a huge turnout, drawing in competitors from across the country and Singapore, as Hankuk Taekwondo Club joined the competition for the second time. Unfortunately, some clubs from Malaysia and Thailand couldn’t attend the event due to Chinese New Year Holiday time.
JTF provides a high level of competition for all ages and belt colors and also a great learning and growing opportunity for all competitors who want to improve their skills and become better athletes in our sport. The venue of the tournament was the POPKI Sport Hall, a new location that provides a spacious and comfortable area where all the people involved can see the competition and even rest.
The Jakarta Taekwondo Festival offers one of the best Taekwondo tournament experiences, not only for the athletes, but also masters, coaches, and spectators. The Jakarta Taekwondo Festival stands out in comparison with the other tournaments in Indonesia.
“As we know, the World Taekwondo Federation is preparing a World Cadet Championship, so we want Indonesia to be ready to achieve the higher ranks in Taekwondo, especially in cadet competitions, so we will hold the Jakarta Taekwondo Festival every year from now on”. Said Master Yefi, President of International Taekwondo Academy. (YAN/ELITE)

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