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A Korean congressman, the alternative to Choue

A Korean congressman, the alternative to Choue

Next Friday April 12th is the deadline to present a candidacy to run for the presidency of the WTF, that will decide its new leader in the elections scheduled for the next 17th of July in Puebla, Mexico, on occasion of the 2013 World Taekwondo Championships.
So far, no candidacies have been officially presented, although it is considered as a given that the current President, Dr. Chungwon Choue, will apply again for the position with the intention of heading the organization until the end of the next Olympic cycle. As such, the only mistery that needs to be uncovered nowadays is whether Choue will have a rival to face or not.
In this sense, the specialized media from Korea indicate that an alternative candidacy could be being established in order to face up Choue. The leader of this group would be Moon-Jong Hong, a Korean congressman, member of the governing party and considered as one of the closest persons to the current President of the Republic, Geun-Hye Park.
The website wonders if a politician entering on the Taekwondo scene is what our sport needs in such a key moment of its history, with the permanence within the Olympic Programme pending to be confirmed in the IOC Session scheduled for next September in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Mookas states that in the current critical situation, the politics of the country can not go into play in order to take an International Sports Federation power, as they consider that the IOC wouldn’t find it appropriate, specially when taking into account that Hong hasn’t had any link with Taekwondo throughout his professional career.
On the other hand, Mookas reminds that Dr. Choue, who presides the WTF since 2004 and has been its leader in 3 different editions of the Olympic Games, has worked really hard in the recent years with one main objective: the permanence of Taekwondo within the Olympic Programme of the 2020 Games. In the end, his work seems to have produced results thanks to the magnificent organization of the London 2012 competition. However, Mookas thinks that this doesn’t guarantee his reelection, as the WTF members will be the ones to decide if his work has been good enough the next 14th of July.
On its part, another Korean website,, predicts this possible internal fight between Choue and Hong could lead to an important crisis within the Taekwondo community, specially in the Korean one. indicates that the IOC will be following closely eveything happening in this process, and warns that the political interference could put Taekwondo in a dangerous position for the 2014 Olympic Games selection. This same website states that the battle to remain as part of the Olympic Programme will become tougher every time, and that’s why the majority of the Korean Taekwondo community looks unfavourably on this confrontation.
With all this information in hand, we’ll see whether Hong finally runs for the election or he decides to step aside.
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