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Aaron Cook excluded from Team GB Taekwondo?

Aaron Cook excluded from Team GB Taekwondo?

Team GB Taekwondo have delayed the announcement of their Olympic squad
The participation of the European -80kg champion Aaron Cook in the London 2012 Olympics has become uncertain. The reason is that team GB Taekwondo has excluded Aaron from the olympic team.
It has been reported that GB Taekwondo has decided to exclude him from the team. Such decision was going to be announced on May 25th, but it has been postponed.
At the European Taekwondo Championships held in Manchester earlier in this month, Cook beat Ramin Azizov (Azerbaijan), number one in the world -80kg ranking. Aaron Cook is currently 4th in this ranking.
The news about Cook has spread to the British world of sports. Hopes were high for Aaron Cook and Sarah Stevenson to win gold medals in their respective categories.
The British Olympic Association (BOA) has requested to know the truth about why Aaron Cook has been excluded from the team.
A spokesperson from the BOA said, “We are working with GB Taekwondo to identify a new date for the team announcement. I am not at liberty to discuss why a new date is being considered. I can confirm that GB Taekwondo has not yet formally nominated its athletes to the BOA for selection to Team GB.”
It is being reported that the reason behind the decision is Lutalo Muhammad, -87kg European champion, and the athlete that GB Taekwondo considered as Aaron Cook’s fill-in. Lutalo beat Cook at the German Open but in experience (including Olympics), he falls behind. Cook participated in the Beijing 2008 Olympics with Team GB Taekwondo, where he fought and lost against Guo Zhu at the quarterfinals and failed to clinch a medal. After the match, Cook expressed his discontent with the judgment.
As soon as the news about Aaron Cook being excluded started to spread, voices of criticism from the British sports world and the world of Taekwondo also spread rapidly.
If the exclusion of Aaron Cook from Team GB Taekwondo is confirmed, the athlete could take legal action against the decision.[:]

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