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Abidjan 2017 GP Final (G-8): Great Britain and Korea clinch 2nd titles

Abidjan 2017 GP Final (G-8): Great Britain and Korea clinch 2nd titles

Abidjan 2017 World Taekwondo Grand Prix Final
G-8 category event
Abidjan, Ivory Coast
2-3 December 2017
Round by round results: Day 1 / Day 2
Day 2 – Report
Great Britain and Korea grabbed their second title at Abidjan 2017 Final GP after Jade Jones and Dae-hoon Lee respectively reigned in Women’s -57 and Men’s -68 kg divisions on Sunday.
The British superstar managed to climb to the top of another podium after defeating Marta Calvo from Spain in the crucial fight of the draw by a comfortable 26-7, while the Korean idol had to fight until the very last second to beat Alexey Denisenko from Russia by 14-13 after containing all Denisenko’s desperate attacks to turn the score around in the final 30 seconds of the fight.
In Men’s +80 kg, Vladislav Larin from Russia proved to be the strongest athlete in the event after being the only one to score in the final against Kyo-don In thanks to a round kick in the extra time (2-0), while in Women’s -67 kg, Guo from China got rid of no other than Hyeri Oh from Korea to taste gold after the clash ended up with a clear 31-9 for the Chinese.
Day 2 – Final Podiums
Women’s -57 kg
1 – GBR Great Britain Jade JONES
2 – ESP Spain Marta CALVO GOMEZ
3 – RUS Russian Federation Tatiana KUDASHOVA
Men’s +80 kg
1 – RUS Russian Federation Vladislav LARIN
2 – KOR Republic of Korea Kyo-Don IN
3 – NIG Niger Abdoul ISSOUFOU
Women’s -67 kg
1 – CHN People’s Republic of Chi Yunfei GUO
2 – KOR Republic of Korea Hyeri OH
3 – CIV Cote D’ivoire Ruth GBAGBI
Men’s -68 kg
1 – KOR Republic of Korea Dae-Hoon LEE
2 – RUS Russian Federation Alexey DENISENKO
3 – TPE Chinese Taipei Yu-Jen HUANG
Day 1 – Report
Thailand, Ivory Coast, Great Britain and Korea were the countries to step on the top of the podium at Abidjan 2017 GP Final, which kicked off yesterday, after Panipak Wongpattanakit (THA), Cheick Cisse (CIV), Bianca Walkden (GBR) and Tae-hun Kim (KOR) respectively tasted glory in Women’s -49, Men’s -80, Women’s +67 and Men’s -58 kg divisions.
Wongpattanakit proved to be the strongest athlete in Women’s -49 kg after beating So-hui Kim from Korea in the big final of the draw by 25-11; Cisse tasted the M-80 gold at home after getting rid of Maksmi Khramtcov from Russia by 16-12; Walkden had to defeat Da-bin Lee from Korea by 16-9 to grab her fourth GP title of the year, an achievement no one had ever done before; while Kim outscored Ashourzadeh from Iran by a clear 14-2 to add another title to his large collection.
Day 1 – Final Podiums
Senior F -49kg
1 – THA Thailand Panipak WONGPATTANAKIT
2 – KOR Republic of Korea So-Hui KIM
3 – VIE Vietnam Thi Kim Tuyen TRUONG
Senior M -80kg
1 – CIV Cote D’ivoire Cheick Sallah CISSE
2 – RUS Russian Federation Maksim KHRAMTCOV
3 – UZB Uzbekistan Nikita RAFALOVICH
Senior F +67kg
1 – GBR Great Britain Bianca WALKDEN
2 – KOR Republic of Korea Da-Bin LEE
3 – CHN People’s Republic of Chi Shuyin ZHENG
Senior M -58kg
1 – KOR Republic of Korea Tae-Hun KIM
2 – IRI Islamic Republic of Iran Farzan ASHOURZADEH FALLAH

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