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Amman 2019 Asian Championships: Iran commands in Juniors and Cadets

Amman 2019 Asian Championships: Iran commands in Juniors and Cadets

Iranian fighters dominate both the Junior and Cadet competitions after grabbing 10 and 9 golds respectively

Medal Count: Juniors / Cadets

Complete Results: Juniors Day 1 / Juniors Day 2 / Cadets Day 1 / Cadets Day 2


Iran proved to be one of the biggest dominators of the Asian continent once again after finishing in the first place of the medal count at the 2019 Asian Junior and Cadet Taekwondo Championships, which were held in Amman, Jordan, these last few days.

Iranian fighters commanded the Junior category after bagging no less than 10 titles, 7 more than Korea and China, second and third respectively, which managed to step on top of the podium in three occasions each. Uzbekistan was the other team to taste glory more than once with 2 golds, while Jordan and Chinese Taipei clinched 1.

In Cadets, Iran did not win as many golds and reached a total of 9, followed by Korea and Thailand, who collected 4 titles each. The other country to win a gold medal in the division was Chinese Taipei, who managed to place two atheltes on the top of the podium.

The complete results of the event and the name of all the medallists from all classes are available above this report.

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