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Asia-Europe Intercontinental Taekwondo Competition

?? Asian Taekwondo Union Assembly which is held in Bangkok.

Asia and Europe will open an intercontinental Taekwondocompetition.

On November 25th, the Asian Taekwondo Union (President Dai-Soon Lee) held an extraordinary general assembly in Bangkok, Thailand, in which the ATU decided to hold an Asia-Europe intercontinental Taekwondo competition after the London 2012 Olympic Games.

President Lee informed “this decision was made in this assembly after a previous negotiation with ETU President Athanasios Pragalos”.

Asia and Europe are the two continents with the best results among all five continental Taekwondo unions. An interncontinental competition between the two could gain a similar status as the World Taekwondo Championships.

The time and place of the competition are still to be announced.

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