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Asian Clubs Championships 2015: Shehrdari Varamin (Iran), new champion

Asian Clubs Championships 2015: Shehrdari Varamin (Iran), new champion

Shehrdari Varamin became the champion of the 5th Asian Clubs Championships

The Iranian club Shahrdari Varamin beat its compatriot Azad University to became champion of the 5th Asian Clubs Championships. The 3rd step of the podium was taken by Moghavemat from Iran as well, while Albasreh from Iraq had to content with the 4th place.
The special guests who were involved in this event were: Seyed Mohammad Pouladgar, the President of Iran Taekwondo Federation, Yazdan Moayedinia, the Head of Physical Education Organization, Grand Master Kang, the Ex-Head Coach of Iran National team, Alireza Sayad, the Secretary General of Iran Taekwondo Federation, Gholam Hassan Zolghadri, the Head of National team organization, and many more team officials and taekwondo champions.
The athletes of Shahrdari Varamin were: Mohammad Kazaemi, Farzan Ashourzadeh, Behnam Asbaghi, Milad Beigi and Sajad Mardani. Payam Khanlarkhani accompanied the team as head coach.
Azad University team was made of Armin Hadipour, Sina Bahrami, Alireza Nasr Azadani, Mahdi Khodabakhshi and Omid Amidi. Seyed Nemat Khalifeh accompanied the team as head coach.
The Best of 5th Asian Clubs Championships

At the end of the 5th Asian Taekwondo Clubs Championships, it was time to reward the best. The fair play trophy was given to Afghanistan. A. Hossein Ahmad Abdolghader from Iraq’s Albasreh was chosen as the best Head of Team. Payam Khanlarkhani and Farzan Ashourzadeh from Shahrdari Varamin received the title of the Best Coach and Best Athlete respectively. Finally, Hassan Khalil from Jordan and Davoud Ghardashkhani from Iran were selected as Best Referees.
Group Stage

Final Rounds


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