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Athens Gold Dae-Sung Moon to the National Assembly

Olympic Gold Medalist and IOC member Dae-Sung Moon takes his first steps towards politics.

Dae-Sung Moon will run for the National Assembly on April 11th as a candidate of the ruling Saenuri Party after being nominated for the second South Korean city, Busan. 

The ruling Saenuri Party has decided to nominate Moon, expecting that his positive image as a young sportsman will be favorable for the party in this year’s elections.

The area for which Moon is participating as a candidate is Saha-gu in Busan. This city is traditionally supportive of the Saenuri party. However, with less than 1 year for the current President Myung-Bak Lee’s term to end, and with a low support rating for the ruling party, it is difficult to predict the results of the elections.  

The elections of the coming April 11th are very important in the South Korean political arena. With presidential elections at the end of this year, the results of the elections for the National Assembly members will be very decisive. 

The participation of Dae-Sung Moon in the National Assembly elections is raising many concerns and also expectations in the world of taekwondo. Some people say that “Moon, with a good image as an Olympic Gold Medalist could end up being used as a scapegoat if he makes it to the political arena”, while others argue that “as a sportsman representing taekwondo, he could play an important role for our sport”.  

Dae-Sung Moon shared the resolution that accompanies him in his road to politics: “As a sportsman, I am aware of the importance of fair play. I will try not to disappoint those who have high expectations on me by applying fair play also in the political arena.”

He is currently a member of the executive committee of the WTF, and the results in the elections might help his figure gain importance in the world of taekwondo.


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