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Athens Gold Medalist Dae-Sung Moon Becomes National Assemblyman

Athens 2004 Olympic gold medalist Dae-Sung Moon, also known as IOC member, was selected for the Korean National Assembly. 

On April 11th, Dae-Sung Moon ran for the 19th South Korean National Assembly elections as candidate for the ruling Saenuri Party (NFP) in Saha-gu in Busan. He earned a 45.1% (30455) of the votes against Democratic United Party (DUP) candidate In-ho Choi, by a gap of 2380 votes and thus was selected as National Assemblyman.

IOC member Dae-Sung Moon also beat the record as the youngest assemblyman – he is 35 years old. Moon is an Olympic gold medalist, IOC member and now an assemblyman and thus has become the Korean athlete with the most impressive career, and will receive more attention in the future.

However the National Assembly election has not been only beneficial for Moon. Through the campaign process there have been voices claiming that the PhD thesis that Moon (who is also a professor at Dong-A University) presented in 2007 had been plagiarized.  

During the whole election campaign, the scandal of the plagiarism of his PhD thesis was a burden for Moon, who as a sportsman advocated for the ‘fair play’ within politics. However, this seemed not to be much of a problem for the elections since the region of his candidacy is known as traditionally be supportive of the ruling party.   

However, the problem of the plagiarism does not remain in Moon’s election. There are already voices within the Seanuri Party insisting that if the plagiarism claims are true, he should leave the party.  

Some say that if the scandal spreads out and it proves to be true, he could even lose his career as a university professor and his rights as IOC member. 

Assemblyman Moon is expected to receive more attention from the sports news media.

Meanwhile, KTA President Jun-Pyo Hong, who represented the ruling party, was defeated in the elections. Hong has 8 months left in office at the KTA, and after his defeat at the National Assembly elections he announced his retirement from all political activities.

Jeong-Kil Kim, former KTA President, also ran for the elections and was defeated.


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