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Author: epau84

Who will represent Korea in London 2012?

Korea aimed for 4 categories at the World Qualification Tournament held last month in Baku, Azerbaijan, and was qualified for all 4 categories. Dong-Min Cha, Dae-Hoon Lee, Sae-Bom An and Mi-Kyung Kim were the protagonists....

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Congratulation message from Kukkiwon President

?? Won-sik Kang, president of Kukkiwon. I would like to express my sincere congratulations to World Taekwon Media. In order for Taekwondo to breathe and progress with the public, the role of the press is extremely important.The...

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KP&P PSS Field Test held in Korea

?? Seyed Mohammad Pouladgar(left), a member of the Ad-hoc Committee for PSS is observing KP&P PSS. Following LaJust and Daedo, a third PSS brand, KP&P, is on its way to obtain the Recognition from the World Taekwondo...

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