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Azerbaijan wins Para Taekwondo World Champs

Azerbaijan wins Para Taekwondo World Champs

The 2012 WTF World Para Taekwondo Championships started yesterday at the Libertador Betico Croes Sports Center of Santa Cruz (Aruba) with the Azerbaijani fighters showing an extraordinary level of ability that made them completely dominate the competition.
Azerbaijan accumulated a total of 6 gold medals, 6 silvers and 3 bronzes after the 14 draws in play were completed, building a big distance with their podium companions: Russia and Spain. Russian athletes took 2 gold, 4 silver and 5 bronze medals in total, while Spanish contestants lifted 2 titles as well, but didn’t win any silver medal and could only manage to take 1 bronze. A total of 44 male fighters and 9 women from 12 different countries attended this year’s edition of the Para Taekwondo Champs.
The Taekwondo Team competition kicks off today and will last until Sunday with 13 nations competing for the Male’s title and 10 countries battling for the Women’s gold. All of them will have to follow the TK-5 competition system from the group stage, which will have the follwong composition:
Male’s category:
Group A: Iran, Russia and Dominican Republic
Group B: Korea, Egypt and USA
Group C: Spain, Venezuela and Brazil
Group D: Aruba, Chinese Taipei, Uzbekistan and China
Female’s category:
Group A: Korea, Venezuela and Russia
Group B: China, Brazil and Colombia
Group C: France, Croatia, Chinese Taipei and USA
The draw of the groups was done during a press conference organized for the presentation of the Aruba WTF World Cup Taekwondo Team Championships, which took place last Wednesday November 21st with the participation of WTF’s President Cung Won Choe, who was accompanied by Jean-Marie Ayer(SG of the WTF), Richard Bisser (Aruban Sports Minister) and José Chaco Cornelio (President of TKD Aruba). All personalities highlighted during their speeches the significant grow of Taekwondo within the Aruban society in the recent years, becoming the third most popular Sport after football and baseball.

Jean-Marie Ayer (WTF's SG), WTF President Chung Won Choue, Richard Bisser (Aruban Minister of Sports) and José Chaco Cornelio (President of TKD Aruba), during Aruba 2012's Press Conference

The Caribbean country also held yesterday’s WTF Executive Council Meeting, where the members finally approved the creation of two really important competitions for the future of our sport: The World Taekwondo Cadet Championships, which will follow the path taken by the already existing European contest, and the World Taekwondo Grand Prix Series, which by putting together the best ranked athletes worldwide is aimed to be one of the star events of the WTF in the coming years.
We’ll give you more details about the World Taekwondo Grand Prix Series as soon as we know. Stay connected!
Pau Aguilar
World Para Taekwondo Championships 2012 complete results:
A5 M-58kg:
1 – Alejandro Vidal (ESP)
2 – Namig Abbasov
3 – Davaachuluu Tserendolgor (MGL)
3 – Alexandre Rodrigues (BRA)
A6 M-58kg:
1 – Emin Nurstatdinov (AZE)
2 – Shinebayar Batbayar (MGL)
3 – Lukman-Khakim Istamulov (RUS)
3 – Tagir Aylanmatov (RUS)
A8 M-58kg:
1 – Aythami Santana (ESP)
2 – Govshan Gahramanli (AZE)
3 – Bopha Kong (FRA)
3 – Gersson Meija (GUA)
A5 M-68kg:
1 – Vladislav Krichfalushiy (RUS)
2 – Anar Huseynov (AZE)
A8 M-68KG:
1 – Mahdi Pourrahnamaahmadgourabi (IRI)
2 – Magomedzagir Isaldibirov (RUS)
3 – Mahmud Samadov (AZE)
3 – Abulfaz Abuzarli (AZE)
A8 M-80KG:
1 – Huseyn Hasanov (AZE)
2 – Rovshan Rzayev (AZE)
3 – Ivan Mikulic (CRO)
3 – Magomed Magomedov (RUS)
A6 M+80KG:
1 – Vusal Ismayilov (AZE)
2 – Spartaak Gazzaev (RUS)
3 – Kenneth Martin Stasiak (CAN)
A8 M+80KG:
1 – Vugar Adishirimov (AZE)
2 – Jahangir Bayromov (AZE)
3 – Zainutdin Ataev (RUS)
3 – Nyamganid Alexandr (MLG)
A8 F-49KG:
1 – Elvira Sverchikova (RUS)
2 – Royalta Fatali (AZE)
A8 F-57KG:
1 – Aynur Mammadova (AZE)
2 – Ayshat Ramazanova (RUS)
A8 F+67KG:
1 – Lisa Standeven (CAN)
2 – Amy Truesdale (GBR)
A6 M-68KG:
1 – Nijat Muslumov (AZE)
2 – Matti Sairanen (FIN)
3 – Jadson Santos (BRA)
A6 M-80KG:
1 – Mahmoud Jafarzadeh (IRI)
2 – Steven Currie (ASU)
3 – Santiago Malvar (ESP)
3 – Alexandr Polishuk (AZE)
A5 F-49KG:
1 – Viktorila Marchuk (UKR)
2 – Dilyara Sheykhakhmedova (RUS)
3 – Sakinat Magomedova (RUS)
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