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Best athletes had a hard time due to changes in body protector


The first day of competition without PSS seemed to develop smoothly until some of the best athletes were disqualified from participating at the London 2012 Olympic Games.
Complaints about the scoring arouse when Joel Gonzalez (Spain), first in the WTF ranking of the weight category -58kg, lost against Safwan Khalil (Australia) during the sudden death round. Apparently, the golden point was given by a kick on Gonzalez’s arm, but the referees gave the decisive point to Khalil.
South Korea’s Dae-Hoon Lee, lost at the semi-finals against Dominican Republic’s Gabriel Mercedes, but was narrowly qualified for the Olympics by obtaining the third place, as he won against Tamer Bayoumi (Egyptian, bronze medal at Beijing 2008 Olympic Games) by 8-6. Similarly to Gonzalez, Lee used techniques adapted specially to the PSS which certainly became a drawback when competing with traditional protectors.

Farida Azizova from Azerbaijan attracted the whole venue’s attention and cheering as she fought for the first place in her category against South Korea’s Mi-Kyung Kim. People from all countries cheered for Azerbaijan unanimously, warming up the whole stadium of Sarhdachi Olympic Center. Despite the loud cheering for her opponent, Kim pulled herself together and secured the first place in her category, yet her victory was only celebrated by a few Korean fellows.

<The final results of the first day of competition were as follows>

Male -58kg (Fly)
1) Pen-Ek Karaket (THA)
2) Gabriel Yulis Mercedes (DOM)
3) Dae-Hoon Lee (KOR)

Female -67kg (Welter)
1) Mi-Kyung Kim (KOR)
2) Farida Azizova (AZE)
3) Elin Johansson (SWE)

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