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Biased refereeing causes suicide in Korea

Biased refereeing causes suicide in Korea

A Korean Taekwondo club director has committed suicide after his son lost his match unfairly due to biased refereeing.
Jeon, the director, was found dead on May 28th in this hometown Yesan (Chung Cheong Do). He had been running a Taekwondo club in Incheon for 30 years.
The suicide note published by Taekwondo Chosun shows the reason for Jeon’s extreme decision: his son had lost unfairly at the Seoul team selection event for the National Sports Festival because of a biased referee.

The suicide note

The video of the match, which is uploaded on the internet, shows how Jeon’s son was clearly winning 5-1 with only 50 seconds left for the end of the match, but the referee suddenly started to give him up to 7 consecutive gyeong-go’s and made him lose 7-8.
Jeon’s suicide note illustrates his frustration and sense of powerlessness at such situation.
The PSS and IVR were introduced in Taekwondo competitions to ensure fair refereeing, which was indeed a significant improvement, yet this serious incident is expected to create a big impact in our sport.
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Sung Jin Park


  1. Concerned tkd person

    Totally shocking story I hope all involved that day get removed we need to clean up or martial art/ sport .

  2. Aware TKD person

    The whole WTF and kukkiwon history is founded on deception.
    Where would you even begin.


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