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Bogdanovic: “I am very motivated after Muju 2017”

Bogdanovic: “I am very motivated after Muju 2017”

What are your thoughts just before starting to compete in another world championship?

I feel very happy to be here in Manchester and have the opportunity to fight for my country.

When did you arrive here?

Four days ago, we have been training every day since then and yesterday we did out last training before the competition.

Any special training before such an important event?

Not really, we did the normal trainings, the same kind like I am doing in Serbia, I believe you have to do what you have been doing before. We may change some small things the day of the competition, but I think everything will be good in the end.

Tijana Bogdanovic at Rio 2016 Olympics

Are you extra motivated here?

I am very moivated after Muju 2017 because two years ago I lost in quarter-finals and I felt very sad, so now I just want to win the gold medal and I will have to give my best for that to happen.

Two years ago, there was a lot of controversy around the new style Taekwondo was taking. What do you think about it now?

Yes, I remember. They have introduced many new rules and sometimes it’s hard to adapt to this, but we have to do it, it’s the same for everyone, so I am ok with it.

Who do you think are the main favorites of the draw apart from you?

Kusadhova from Russia, the germany representative, Anastasia from USA, there are a lot of good opponents… China, as well…

How do you motivate yourself to train every day?

My motivation is only that I like this sport. I started when I was 4 and Taekwondo is all my life. I really enjoy every training andI think it is really good for my development as a person.

Which would you say has been the key to your success?

I’d say to be well disciplined, to listen to your coach, to your team… with their support everything is much easier.

Any advice for the kids practicing Taekwondo?

To give your best and don’t get stressed. If you workd hard, then you have only six minutes to show that, so give your best and don’t think about the rest.

Which is your favorite moment of your career so far?

Of course it was the moment I won the silver medal at the Olympic Games against very hard opponents.

Bogdanovic at Rio 2016 podium

Have you ever thought about quitting Taekwondo?

I am still very young but I thought about it a few times during my career. I think it is normal, it is a very hard way with many things to deal with. Sometimes you just want to stop, but if you have a team behind you, that helps. I know I am not alone, I have my family, friends, teammates and psychologist supporting me.


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