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Bosnia Open 2015 (G-1): Croatia leads in Seniors as Serbia dominates in overall standings

Bosnia Open 2015 (G-1): Croatia leads in Seniors as Serbia dominates in overall standings

1st Bosnia Open 2015
Sarajevo, Bosnia
31 January – 1 February 2015
G-1 category event
Seniors – Report

Croatia, with 3 gold medals, led the Seniors medal count of the 1st Bosnia Open 2015, which was held last weekend in Sarajevo with more than 500 athletes involved in the competition. The first Croatian title was taken by Marina Sumic, who won the Women’s -62 kg after edging her compatriot Marija Stetic in the big final. The bronze medals were won by Edina Kotsis from Hungary and Magdalena Leporowska, from Poland.
The second triumph for Croatia came through Iva Rados’ perfromance, who was able to beat the reigning Olympic champion Milica Mandic (SRB) in the crucial clash of the Women’s -73 kg division. They both had defeated Aydin Furkan (TUR) and Petra Matijasevic (CRO) in the semis, who had to content themselves with the bronze medals.
The third Croatian title was clinched by Lovre Brecic, who proved to be the strongest athlete in the Men’s -63 kg category. Brecic got rid of Gili Haimovitz from Israel in the final combat of the division, leaving the lower step of the podium for Jaroslaw Mecmajer (POL) and Mario Silva (POR).
The other five Senior golds were taken by Cyprus (Kouttouki), Saridogan (Turkey), Cater (GBR), Ferreira (POR) and Mohammadi (AUT).
Seniors – Final Podiums

Senior Female’s -46 kg

1. [CYP-1545] Kyriaki Kouttouki (1) ([CYP] N.NICOLAOU(NC))
2. [GRE-1502] Ioanna Koutsou (2) ([GRE] DANAOS ORAIOKAST
3. [ISR-1606] Michal Zrihen (3) ([ISR] TIGERS)
3. [BEL-1501] Anneleen Goffin ([ETU] EUROPEAN TAEKWONDO
Senior Female’s -53 kg

1. [TUR-1751] Fatma Saridogan ([TUR] GAZIOSMANPAŞA BELE
2. [SRB-1504] Dragana Gladović (2) ([SRB] SERBIAN NATIONAL
3. [CRO-1509] Lucija Zaninović ([CRO] TAEKWONDO KLUB MAR
Senior Female’s -62 kg

1. [CRO-1503] Marina Sumić (1) ([CRO] TK METALAC)
2. [CRO-1676] Marija Štetić (3) ([CRO] TK DUBRAVA)
3. [HUN-1502] Edina Kotsis ([HUN] HUNGARY NATIONAL TEAM)
3. [POL-1534] Magdalena Leporowska ([POL] AZS OS POZNAN)
Senior Female’s -73 kg

1. [CRO-1515] Iva Radoš (2) ([CRO] TK METALAC)
2. [SRB-1503] Milica Mandić (1) ([SRB] SERBIAN NATIONAL TEA
3. [CRO-1501] Petra Matijašević ([CRO] TAEKWONDO KLUB MAR
Senior Male’s -54 kg

1. [GBR-1610] Max Cater (3) ([GBR] GB NATIONAL TEAM)
2. [CRO-1526] Marko Maljkovic (1) ([CRO] OSVIT)
3. [BEL-1620] Mourad Laachraoui ([ETU] EUROPEAN TAEKWOND
3. [GBR-1537] Archie Waldock ([GBR] GB NATIONAL TEAM)
Senior Male’s -63 kg

1. [CRO-1524] Lovre Brečić (3) ([CRO] TAEKWONDO KLUB MAR
2. [ISR-1509] Gili Haimovitz (5) ([ISR] ISRAEL NATIONAL TEAM)
3. [POL-1540] Jaroslaw Mecmajer ([POL] AZS OS POZNAN)
3. [POR-1503] Mário Silva (1) ([POR] SPORTING CLUBE DE BRA
Senior Male’s -74 kg

1. [POR-1516] Júlio Ferreira (1) ([POR] SPORTING CLUBE DE BR
2. [SRB-1522] Damir Fejzić (2) ([SRB] SERBIAN NATIONAL TEAM)
3. [BUL-1507] Teodor Georgiev (3) ([BUL] GLADIATOR)
3. [TUR-1836] Okan Simsek (5) ([TUR] ISTANBUL BUYUKSEHIR
Senior Male’s -87 kg

1. [AUT-1687] Ahmad Mohammadi (2) ([AUT] AUSTRIA)
2. [GRE-1517] Apostolis Telikostoglou ([GRE] MAKEDONIKI DIN
3. [POL-1536] Bartosz Kolecki ([POL] AZS OS POZNAN)
3. [TUR-1670] Muhammet Talha Sari ([TUR] ULASTIRMA SPOR K
Senior, Junior and Cadet – Round by Round Results: click HERE

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  1. Stjepan Horvat

    Where are the results for Senior Male’s -80 kg?
    1st Luka Horvat (CRO)
    2nd Roberto Botta (ITA)
    3rd Ivan Karajlović (SRB)
    Nicolaos Tselos (GRE)


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