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Brazil, favorite to host the 2015 World Championships

Brazil, favorite to host the 2015 World Championships

The deadline to submit candidatures to host the 2015 World Tournament was the 30th of April. Three candidacies are in the running; Brazil, Russia and Vietnam.
It is no wonder that Brazil stands out as the clear favorite. The proximity of the 2016 Olympic Games might be a key factor. Russia will be its greatest rival, due to their solid experience at hosting big Taekwondo competitions, such as the World Para Taekwondo and World Poomsae Championships. The Vietnamese seem to be the least likely to be selected.
If the Brazilian candidacy was to win, it would be expected that the World Championships in 2015 and the Olympics in 2016 would provide an enormous boost to the practice of Taekwondo in the whole of South America.
The President of the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF), the Chung Won Choue, didn’t deny that Brazil is the huge favorite in this running.
The city of Muju, in South Korea, finally refused to submit their candidacy. They felt that the South American candidacy would have been too hard to compete with. Also the fact that the 2011 World Championships was held in the Asian country, in the city of Gyeongju, made them postpone their candidacy for the 2017 tournament. Dubai also decided not to submit their candidacy on this occasion.
The winner will be decided during the WTF Executive Committee meeting that will take place in Lausanne (Switzerland) in June, as the Swiss city will host two important Taekwondo tournaments: the World Para-Taekwondo Championships (8th) and the Swiss Open (8th -9th).
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