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Canada and USA share all titles in Sucre's second day

Canada and USA share all titles in Sucre's second day

Canada and USA national teams took the six gold medals awarded in the second day of competition of the Pan American Taekwondo Championships celebrated in the Bolivian city of Sucre.
The two Northamerican teams won three titles each and overtook Mexico to share the top of the medal standings with a total of 4 golds. Mexico was relegated to the second place with 2 titles.
The main protagonists of the Candian success were Yvette Yong (Female’s Fin), Jade Taillon (Female’s Light) and Maxime Potvin (Male’s Light), while the American heroes were Lauren Hamon (Female’s Middle), Tashi Sherpa (Male’s Fin) and Jason Neville (Male’s Middle).

Male´s Fin podium with Avella, Sherpa, Espinosa and Carroll

These were the final podiums of the day:
Female’s FIN (-46 Kg.)
1) Yvette Yong (CAN)
2) Katia Arakaki (BRA)
3) Victoria Alvarez (CHI)
3) Itzel Manjarrez Bastidas (MEX)
Male’s FIN (-54 Kg.)
1) Tashi Sherpa (USA)
2) Duvan Avella (COL)
3) Edward Espinoza (DOM)
3) Jackson Carroll (CAN)
Female’s LIGHT (-62 Kg.)
1) Jade Tillon (CAN)
2) Carla Salinas (ARG)
3) Julia Santos (BRA)
3) Paulina Baliñas Lira (MEX)
Male’s LIGHT (-74 Kg.)
1) Maxime Potvin (CAN)
2) Mark López (USA)
3) Wilkin Heredia (DOM)
3) Fernando Garcia (ARG)
Female’s MIDDLE (-73 Kg.)
1) Lauren Hamon (USA)
2) Daysi Montes de Oca (DOM)
3) Sandra Vanegas (COL)
3) Natali Hernandez Correa (MEX)
Male’s FIN (-87 Kg.)
1) Jason Neville (USA)
2) Carlos Liebig (CHI)
3) Marc-André Bergeron (CAN)
3) Moises Molinares (COL)

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