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"Cancellation of the contract" WTF gives notice to LaJust.

The World Taekwondo Federation(President Chung-Won Choue, WTF) has started the process for the cancellation of the contract with the PSS suplier LaJust(President Sang-Yeol Ju).

On the 10th of August, the WTF informed in a notification to LaJust that "if the problem that have appeared in LaJust PSS are not solved by the 25th of August, we will cancel the contract".

The notification was not a surprise, after the WTF Executive Council expressed their intention of cancelling the contract in the Vladivostok meeting, on the 28th July.

Moreover, on the 5th of August, Secretary General of WTF Jin-Seok Yang said in a press conference that "although LaJust has not been selected as the Olympic PSS supplier, the WTF tried to search for ways for this company to maintain the PSS business. However, LaJust repeatedly filed legal action and the WTF cannot stay still".

In response to Mr. Yang’s words, LaJust also expressed their position through Vice-President Jong-Dae Kim in an unofficial press conference: "We have no option but to continue solving this problem through legal action". About the cancellation of the contract, Mr. Kim said that "the WTF has just raised the problems about our product to find a reason to cancel the contract".

It seems unlikely that the WTF and LaJust will easily come to agreement, making this conflict escalate to a war.

There is no clue as to how this case will conclude. The impact of this issue might be even greater than expected since there is a chance that an external party may get involved in the WTF-LaJust case.

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