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CAR La Loma: On the way to London 2012

The Training Camp for the London Olympic Games qualified athletes will take place in the High Performance Training Center La Loma, San Luis Potosi, Mexico starting June 15th until July 15th.
Just before the most important sport event of the world, The Olympic Games, The High Performance Training Center La Loma, considered as the best private center of the world in its specialty, presents through the project: Training for the Olympic Games, London 2012.
The vast experience of this training center preparing athletes for first level competitions such as the Olympic Games, Pan-American Games, World and Continental Qualification Tournaments, makes it with no doubt the best option for qualified athletes to achieve the anxious Olympic medals.
Athletes from 42 countries, Olympic medalists, world championsh, winners of Pan-American Games and an endless list of qualified athletes for the Athens 2004, Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Olympic Games, had trained in La Loma in search of the Olympic dream.
The best of this private High Performance Center is the qualified professional team that works day to day with all participants to help them achieve their expectations.
Many of the athletes who participated in the Continental Olympic Qualification Tournaments held in Querétaro, Mexico, were previously trained in La Loma, and the following have been qualified:
(-58 Kg.) Oscar Muñoz (Colombia)
(-80 Kg.) Sebastián Crismanich (Argentina)
(+80 Kg.) Robelis Despaigne (Cuba)
(-49 Kg.) Carola López (Argentina)
(-57 Kg.) Yeny Contreras (Chile)
(-57 Kg.) Nidia Muñoz (Cuba)
(+67 Kg.) María Espinoza (Mexico)
(+67 Kg.) Glenhis Hernández (Cuba)
An important group of athletes qualified for London 2012 had already confirmed their participation in the Project, CAR La Loma.
To Whom it is oriented:
Group1: Athletes qualified for the Olympic Games.
Group2: Personal training for athletes of Continental and World level.
Group3: High Performance Athletes from 12 years old.
Group4: Coaches and Professionals for training up-date.
Group5: National Military Teams training for the world Military Championships.
Group6: Colombian National Team training for National Games 2012.
Group7: Bolivian National Team training for the Pan-American Championship Bolivia 2012.
Chronogram & groups:
Olympic Teams: Open training customized to their needs within the specific group.
High Performance Athletes: Individuals: 3 training per day (Monday, Thursday and Friday – physical, technical and tactical), 2 training (Tuesday and Thursday – physical and sparring) and more competitions every saturday.
Individual coaches attend to open classes taking notes and filming all aspects of the training sessions that they consider relevant.
Furthermore, tactical visual studio, psychological and motivational sessions will be developed, as well as recreational and multisport activities.
Cost & information:
Depending on the needs of each athlete (additional sparring, methodological support training, length of stay and number of people per delegation) a customized economic budget will be given upon request.
For further information, please send an email to with your personal request communicating the number of participants, days, technical needs, materials and any other information considered relevant.

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