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Chelyabinsk 2015 – Day 2: Iran and Thailand, first nations to taste gold

Chelyabinsk 2015 – Day 2: Iran and Thailand, first nations to taste gold

Iran and Thailand were the first two countries to climb to the top of the podium at the Chelyabinsk 2015 World Championships as Farzan Ashour Zadeh Fallah and Panipak Wongpattanakit respectively won the Men’s -58 and Women’s -46 kg categories. Belgium and Ukraine finished in second place, reaching a meritory silver, while Russia, China, Brazil and Chinese Taipei were awarded with the 4 bronze medals of the day.
Final Podiums
Men’s -58 kg
1 – Farzan Ashour Zadeh Fallah (IRI)
2 – Si Mohamed Ketbi (WTF)
3 – Ruslan Poiseev (RUS)
3 – Shuai Zhao (CHN)
Women’s -46 kg
1 – Panipak Wongpattanakit (THA)
2 – Iryna Romoldanova (UKR)
3 – Wan-Ting Lin (TPE)
3 – Iris Tang Sing (BRA)
Evening session
Women’s -46 kg
The first match of the session put Iryna Romoldanova (UKR) and Wan-Ting Lin (TPE) face to face for a place in the Women’s -46 kg final. The first round of the fight finished with no points on the scoreboard as both athletes seemed to feel the pressure of the moment, barely attacking each other and focusing much more on their defense. The second period was a copy of the first, wih none of the 2 contenders breaking the ice. Everything was meant to be decided in the last round, but nothing happened once again. It was time for the golden point to decide, which happened just after 31 seconds after the beginning of the extra period. Romoldanova took advantage of a missed kick from Lin to connect a winning right punch into the Asian’s chest.
The second Semi started in a similar way, as Wongpattanakit (THA) was the only fighter to score in the first period after hitting her opponent with a precise right kick, taking a 1-0 lead over Tang Sing from Brazil. The Asian representative was significantly more offensive than the Brazilian, who left almost no cracks on her defensive wall in the second round, which finished 2-1 to Wongpattanakit. Both athletes left the best for the final period, where Tang Sing managed to turnd the score around after two missed attacks from her opponent (3-2). The access to the final seemed to be in Brazilian hands, but the Thai still had something to say, as he connected two consecutive head kicks in the last 20 seconds of the match to jump into the golden match by 8-3.
Men’s -58 kg
The third clash of the session confronted Farzan Ashour Zadeh Fallah (IRI), current number 1 in the WTF Men’s -58 kg ranking, against the local hope for a medal on the day: Ruslan Poiseev. Ashour, significantly taller than Poiseev, tried to connect several head kicks in the first period, not taking enough care of the defense. Poiseev dodged some of them to hit the Iranian with his right punch in no lees than 4 times in the two first periods. He also connected two stunning head kicks with his right foot. On the other hand, Ashour managed to score only one head kick and two punches despite his height advantage. 10-5 for the Russian idol and only 1 round to go. In the final 2 minutes, Ashour showed the spectators at the Traktor Arena why he is reigning as the world number 1, coming back from 5 points behind to tie the match to 11. In the sudden death period, the Iranian proved he could handle the pressure and beat the local hope after taking advantage of a missed punch attack.
Shuai Zhao (CHN) and Si Mohamed Ketbi, from Belgium but competing under the WTF flag after his Federation violated the ETU statutes, were the protagonists of the last Semi. They both started the clash with power, attacking each other for the first 4 minutes without any second for rest. At the end of the first two periods, the Belgian had taken advantage of this situation, leading 8-4 with Zhao looking a bit tired. Ketbi kept attacking with the same pace and managed to lift his score to 14 thanks to his powerful left leg, while Zhao had to content with a total of 7 points.
Women’s -46 kg
The Thai Panipak Wongpattanakit became the new Women’s -46 kg world champion after beating the Ukrainian Iryna Romoldanova in an exciting final which was decided by the number of hits made during the fight. Wongpattanakit started strong and connected a powerful head kick in the first period to lead 3-1, but the Ukrainian cane back giving her the same medicine. They both exchanged a few points during the next minutes, with the Asian athlete having a 5-4 lead with less than 15 seconds to go, when Romoldanova found the way to tie it to 5. In the extra period, no points were scored, so the victory was awarded to the athlete hitting more times her rival, which ended up being Wongpattanakit.
Men’s -58 kg
Farzan Ashour Zadeh Fallah (IRI), current number 1 in the WTF ranking, proved his condition of Men’s -58 kg king by defeating Si Mohamed Ketbi from Belgium by 8-3 in the final. Both athletes had the same strategy to score, using his most skilled leg -left for Ketbi, right for Ashour- to attack and defend, trying to beat his opponent by collecting points one by one. And nowadays there’s no one who can compete against Ashour under this circumstances. He set the pace of the combat throughout the 6 minutes, finishing the first one up 3-0, the second one 5-1 and tasting glory through the final 8-3.
Day session: Men’s -74 kg and Women’s -49 kg
China, Russia, Korea, Serbia, Uzbekistan, Iran and Mali secured a medal after the day session of Chelyabinsk 2015 Day 2 was completed.
Six countries managed to place one athlete each, while Russia got two, into the Semi-finals of the Women’s -49 kg and Men’s -74 kg categories, which will both be resolved during tomorrow’s evening session.
The competitors who will fight for the gold medals on the third day of action will be:
Men’s -74 kg
– Nikita Rafalovich (UZB)
– Masoud Hajizavareh (IRI)
– Albert Gaun (RUS)
– Ismael Coulibaly (MLI)
Rafalovich will face Coulibaly for a place in the big final, as the local hero Gaun and Hajizavareh will fight each other for the other. The Russian idol showed his dominance in the division after successfuly beating Dawrooghbik (AFG), Morrison (PHI) and Nkoy (COD) by a comfortable point difference (5-1, 19-11 and 13-7), while Rafalovich had to defeat Doupassou (GAB), Tinirau (FPO), Sila-on (THA) and Kim (KOR) to make his way to the Semis. On the other side of the draw, Hajizavareh got rid of Zakaria (ALG), Kanaet (CRO), Martinez (ESP) and Adriano (MEX), while Coulibaly left Hammoda (QAT), Georgiev (BUL), Maizeroi (FRA) and Ferreira (POR) on his way to certify a medal in the category.
Women’s -49 kg
– Jingyu Wu (CHN)
– Svetlana Igumenova (RUS)
– Min-ah Ha (KOR)
– Tijana Bogdanovic (SRB)
Wu clearly proved to be strongest athlete of the draw so far after beating Rakotondrasoa (MAD), Gonda (HUN), the world number 1 Lucija Zaninovic (CRO) and Maddock (GBR), securing the first medal for China in the event; Igumenova showed her power over Mushambokazi (RWA), Abakarova (AZE) and Diez (PER); Ha beat Sun (TPE), Zamora (GUA), the triple world champion Brigitte Yagüe (ESP) and Toruan (JOR); while Bogdanovic’s superb performance on tuesday left Nicoli (ITA), Yildirim (TUR) and Aziez (FRA) behind her.
Tomorrow will be the day for the Semi-finals and Finals of these two divisions and for the beginning of the Women’s -67 kg and Men’s -68 kg categories, which will complete their draw until the Semi-final round.
Pau Aguilar, Chelyabinsk

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