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Chelyabinsk 2015 – Day 6: Korea rockets to 4 as Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan taste 1st gold

Chelyabinsk 2015 – Day 6: Korea rockets to 4 as Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan taste 1st gold

Korea clinched its fourth gold in Chelyabinsk as Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan won their first title in the event after the sixth day of competition was completed at Traktor Arena. Hyeri Oh (KOR), Radik Isaev (AZE) and Dmitriy Shokin (UZB) proved to be the strongest on Sunday by taking the Women’s -73, Men’s -87 and Men’s +87 kg divisions respectively, leaving the silver medals to Zheng (CHN), Baykizuyev (UZB) and Zokou (CIV). The lower step of the podium was occupied by Galloway (USA), Rados (CRO), Larin (RUS), Castillo (CUB), Despaigne (CUB) and Obame (GAB).
Final Podiums
Men’s -87 kg
1 – Radik Isaev (AZE)
2 – Jasur Baykuziyev (UZB)
3 – Vladislav Larin (RUS)
3 – Rafael Castillo (CUB)
Women’s -73 kg
1 – Hyeri Oh (KOR)
2 – Shuyin Zheng (CHN)
3 – Jackie Galloway (USA)
3 – Iva Rados (CRO)
Men’s +87 kg
1 – Dmitriy Shokin (UZB)
2 – Firmin Zokou (CIV)
3 – Anthony Obame (GAB)
3 – Robelis Despaigne (CUB)
Evening session
Women’s -73 kg
Hyeri Oh (KOR) was the first athlete in the division to put both feet in the final after getting rid of world number 4 Jackie Galloway (USA) in the last second of the fight. The match started with a really low pace which led to a 0-0 score at the end of the second round. Everything seemed to be quiet, but the Korean and the American gave their very best in the final round, connecting one head kick each to arrive 5-5 with 2 seconds left. It was then when Oh made her last body kick attempt, which turned to be successful, taking a 6-5 victory over Galloway.
Shuyin Zheng (CHN) jumped into the final after clearly defeating world number 2 Iva Rados (CRO) by 8-1. The Croatian was the only athlete to score in the first round, which finished 1-0, but couldn’t contain the attacks launched by the Chinese in 4 minutes remaining. Zheng connected four body kicks one head kick that gave her no less than 7 points, which turned into 8 after Rados was given her second kyongo of the night. In the end, 8-1 for the Chinese.

Oh (Korea)

Men’s -87 kg
World number 1 Jasur Baykuziyev (UZB) fought hardly against Vladislav Larin (RUS) and the crowd support to make his way to the final by 3-1. Both athletes avoided making a single mistake in the first round, which finished 0-0. The second period was not really different, but Baykuziyev and Larin were able to hit each other with the right power for the first time in the match, turning the scoreboard into 1-1. In the final round, the Uzbek left no cracks for Larin to score, while he used his fast right kick to score twice to the body, finishing 3-1 ahead.
Radik Isaev (AZE) beat Rafael Castillo (CUB) by 7-6 in the very last second of a spectacularly offensive fight which seemed to be under control for the Cuban. Castillo managed to achieve a 6-0 lead with only 1 minute to play, a complicated scenario for Isaev, who had no other option than attacking without fear. And he did, connecting a head kick that gave him the first 3 points of the match. He scored the 4th thanks to Castillo’s second kyongo, and then landed a stunning right kick to the head in the last second of the clash to reach the final (7-6).

Isaev (AZE)

Men’s +87 kg
Outsider Firmin Zokou (CIV) finished his semi-final match dancing on Traktor Arena’s centra matt. Why? Because he had just beaten the current world number 1 and reigning world champion Anthony Obame (GAB) with an unstopabble head kick in the last second of the fight. Until that moment, both athletes had given a kicking and punching masterclass to turn the score into 5-5. The final action performed by the Ivorian tipped the balance in his favour to jump into the final. A great African clash.
Dmitriy Shokin (UZB) reached his first ever world championship final after scoring the golden point through a punch in the overtime of his fight against Robelis Despaigne (CUB), bronze at London 2012 Olympics. The fight had finished 6-6 thanks to a last second punch from the Uzbek, who seemed to give his best under pressure. Another tough defeat for Cuba, who had placed two athletes in the semis but had to content with 2 bronze medals.

Shokin (UZB)

Women’s -73 kg
Hyeri Oh (KOR) gave Korea its fourth gold medal after winning an equal fight against another Asian, Shuyin Zheng (CHN), who resisted Oh’s incredible kicking pace until the last seconds of the match, which ended 5-4. The first round was really intense, with both athletes focusing more on the offensive part of the game (3-3). In the second period, Oh was the only one able to score through a precise body kick (4-3). In the last 2 minutes, Zheng managed to level the fight with another body kick (4-4), and tried to connect yet another winning action in the last seconds, but Oh took advantage of it to counter-attack and score the decisive point (5-4).
Men’s -87kg
Radek Isaev (AZE) became the new Men’s -87 kg world champion after beating world number 1 Jasur Baykuziyev (UZB) in a thrilling fight which wasn’t clear until the referee called it over (5-4). Both fighters feared to be punished in the first 2 minutes, with the scoreboard not changing until the second round. It was then when Isaev counter-attacked a body kick attempt from the Uzbek to find his body. 1-0 at the end of the period and only 2 minutes to go. Isaev kept taking advantage of Baykuziyev’s desperation, achieving a 3-0 lead which seemed the end. But the Uzbeki fought until the last second and was able to almost level it, felling at the lust hurdle.
Men’s +87 kg
Dmitriy Shokin (UZB) tasted glory in Chelyabinsk after connecting a winning body kick in the sudden death period of the final against showman Firmin Zokou (CIV), who was 10-6 ahead with few seconds to go. Shokin’s punch attempts in the third round gave him the chance to stay only 1 point behind the Ivorian, and he took the chance to connect another one to tie the match and win it in the overtime. The first 4 minutes were dominated by the African, but in the end that wasn’t enough to beat the Uzbek.
Dmitriy Shokin (UZB)
Day session: Men’s -87 and +87 kg and Women’s -73 kg
Iran, Spain, Hungary, Mexico, Belgium and secured a medal after the day session of Chelyabinsk 2015 Day 6 was completed.
Six countries managed to place one athlete each, while Iran and Spain got two, into the Semi-finals of the Women’s -57 and Men’s -63 kg categories, which will all be resolved during tomorrow’s evening session.
The competitors who will fight for the gold medals on the seventh and last day of action will be:
Men’s -63 kg
– Joel González (ESP)
– Saúl Gutiérrez (MEX)
– Jaouad Achab (WTF)
– Abolfazi Yaghoubi Jouybar (IRI)
Olympic champion Gonzalez will face the first Mexican to secure a medal in the event, Gutierrez, as Achab and Yaghoubi will fight each other for the other. The Spanish star showed his dominance in the division after successfuly beating Akbar (PAK) and Auger (USA) by a comfortable point difference (14-1 and 10-5), being his opponent in London 2012 Olympic final Lee (KOR) and Silva (POR) two tough challenges in his way to the semis. Gonzalez could only beat both opponents in the last second of each fight, connecting a head kick over Lee and a body kick on Silva. On the other hand, Gutierrez had to defeat Ghazaryan (ARM), Dunayeu (BLR), Bhat (CAN) and Brecic (CRO) to secure the medal, while on the other side of the draw, world number 1 Achab, competing under the WTF flag, got rid of Turnov (BUL), Gonzalez (URU) Huang (CRO) and Barclais (FRA), while Yaghoubi left Cunha (BRA), Briki (TUN) Thabet (JOR) and Kim (RUS) on his way to certify a medal in the category.
Women’s -57 kg
– Eva Calvo (ESP)
– Edina Kotsis (HUN)
– Kimia Alizadeh Zenoorin (IRI)
– Mayu Hamada (JPN)
Calvo clearly proved to be strongest athlete of the draw so far after beating Janusauskaite (LTU), Zubovich (BLR) and Puebla 2013 bronze medallist Froemming (GER), securing the third medal for Spain in the event; Kotsis showed her power over Zodage (IND), Cunha (POR) Glasnovic (SWE) and Malak (EGY); Alizadeh beat Leporowska (POL), Zubcic (CRO), Lewis (USA) and Olympic champion and current world number 1 Jade Jones (GBR); while Hamada’s superb performance on sunday left Pham (VIE), Kim (KOR) and Nisaisom (THA) behind her.
Tomorrow will be the day for the Semi-finals and Finals of these two divisions and for the beginning and also final round of the Women’s -62 kg and Men’s -80 kg categories.
Pau Aguilar, Chelyabinsk

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