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Cheon-Taek Son, New Director of Research of the Kukkiwon Research Institute

Cheon-Taek Son, New Director of Research of the Kukkiwon Research Institute

The Kukkiwon appointed professor Cheon-Taek from the University of Incheon as the Director of Research of the ‘Kukkiwon Research Institute’.

The Kukkiwon made and open call for the position of Director for the Research Institute, and from 11 applicants, professor Son got the highest number of points, they say.

The new Director of Resarch graduated from Kookmin University, and obtained a master’s degree at the Seoul National University and a doctorate at the Ohio State University. Afterwards, he worked as chairman of the Korean Sports Education Association, member of the board of directors of the Korean Physical Education Association, and head of research of the development of technical education at the World Taekwondo Academy.

Director Son said that, “The Kukkiwon Research Institute has to develop not only the original Taekwondo techniques but also the cultural contents of Taekwondo both nationally and internationally through educating the leaders, and has to lead a proper Taekwondo culture by developing its contents” and that “I will use my past experience as a young athlete and as a researcher of sports education and try my best to work within the structure that the past Directors of Research made an effort to maintain.”

The position of Director of Research at the Kukkiwon Research Institute is part-time and the term is of 3 years.


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