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Chuncheon Open Kicks Off

?? Jin-suk Yang, secratary general of World Taekwondo Federation is speeching in the opening ceremony.


The Chuncheon International Taekwondo Open Championship kicked off on July 15 at the Hoban Gymnasium in Chuncheon, South Korea.


Chuncheon Open first took place in 2000, being held every year until 2003, and since 2005 it has been held every 2 years, making this time the eighth. 


As the first open championship in the birthplace of Taekwondo, Chuncheon Open has a high reputation worldwide. With an involvement of 50 countries and 2,700 participants, Chuncheon Open keeps expanding gradually.


Apart from the original Poomsae, Gyorugi, or Gyeokpa contests, a 5-man team match, the Taekwondo Gala Show, and a wide variety of events were prepared,  a fervent response from the participants.


Especially, the Gala Show which took place on the 17th in the afternoon, was prepared with Taekwondo celebrities such as Dae-hoon Lee (conqueror of the Asian Games and the World Taekwondo Championships), Young-Ae Seo (5 consecutive times World Poomsae Champion), Shin-Chul Kang (godfather of Taekwondo in Iran), as well as the Korean demonstration Team, K-Tigers, and the Egyptian National Poomsae Selection and a B-boy performance, among others.

Kwang-Jun Lee, Chief of Event, as well as Mayor of Chuncheon City, said at the opening ceremony: “Chuncheon Open has become the best championship because it has been fuelled by the interest of a lot of people”. “I hope the Chuncheon Open will contribute to the further spreading of Taekwondo worldwide”, he said.


At the opening ceremony, the presence of Chief of Event and Mayor of Chuncheon City, Kwang-Jun Lee, Secretary General of the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) Jin-Suk Yang, Secretary General of the Korean Taekwondo Association (KTA) Jin-Bang Yang and President of the Iranian Taekwondo Union, Seyed Mohammad Pouladgar added seriousness to this event. 


This year’s edition of Chuncheon Open will have Gyeorugi, Poomsae, Gyeokpa, and a variety of other sectors, to end on the July 19. 



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