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Cochabamba 2018 South American Games (G-1) – Day 2: Brazil grabs 2 titles but Venezuela finishes on top

Cochabamba 2018 South American Games (G-1) – Day 2: Brazil grabs 2 titles but Venezuela finishes on top

Cochabamba 2018 South American Games
Cochabamba, Bolivia
5-6 June 2018
G-1 category event
Medal Count

Day 2 – Report
Even though Brazil clinched 2 titles on the second and last day of action at Cochabamba 2018 South American Games, Venezuela managed to finish on top of the medal count after adding 1 silver and 1 bronze to the 2 golds and 2 silvers won on Tuesday. Colombia and Chile were the other two nations to reach the top of the podium on Wednesday after taking 1 more gold each for a total of 2 in the standings, but had to content with the second and fourth place respectively.
The champions of the day were: Maicon De Andrade (BRA), who dominated the Men’s +80 kg division after defeating Martin Sio from Argentina by a clear 13-0 in the crucial fight; Ignacio Morales fom Chile, who proved to be the best in Men’s -68 kg after beating Alexander Ortiz from Peru for the gold by a close 16-13; Gloria Mosquera from Colombia, who had to get rid of Carolina Del Valle from Venezuela by 3-0 in the sudden death period after tying to 5 in the regular time to taste glory in Women’s +67 kg; and Caroline Gomes from Brazil, who became the new Women’s -57 kg queen after edging Carolena Carstens from Panama by 25-22 for the continental crown.
Day 2 – Final Podiums
Women’s -57 kg
1 – Caroline Gomes Dos Santos (BRA)
2 – Carolena Jean Carstens (PAN)
3 – Alba Lucero Gomez Varela (COL)
3 – Josefina Arzuaga Kroeff (URU)
Women’s +67 kg
1 – Gloria Camila Mosquera Riascos (COL)
2 – Carolina Del Valle Fernandez Gonzalez (ECU)
3 – Dayana Patricia Folleco Mina (ECU)
3 – Candela Cazzappa (ARG)
Men’s -68 kg
1 – Ignacio Alfonso Morales Puentes (CHI)
2 – Alexander Romain Ortiz Gutierrez (PER)
3 – Franco Dario Rios Blanco (BOL)
3 – Edgar Jesus Contrearas Triana (VEN)
Men’s +80 kg
1 – Maicon De Andrade Siqueira (BRA)
2 – Martin Leandro Sio (ARG)
3 – Braian Edward Elliot Hernandez (URU)
3 – Jesus Antonio Perea Tarira (ECU)
Day 1 – Report
Venezuela set the standard on the first day of action at Cochabamba 2018 South American Games after collecting 2 golds and 2 silvers in the four divisions completed on Monday. They had one athlete in each final, with Chile and Colombia taking 1 title each as well to follow the Venezuelan lead.
The Venezuelan heroes of the day were: Virgina del Carmen, who proved to be the best competitor in Women’s -49 kg after getting rid of Bucheli from Ecuador in the big final of the draw by a comfortable 40-13; and Freymar Alejandra Marcano, who shone over the rest of fighters in Women’s -67 kg after beating Arnoldt from Argentina in the gold medal match by 5-3 in the sudden death period.
Day 1 – Final Podiums
Women’s -49 kg
1 – Virginia Del Carmen Dellan Morao (VEN)
2 – María Belén Bucheli Jiménez (ECU)
3 – Camila Silva Bezerra (BRA)
3 – Belen Andrea Briceño Normabuena (CHI)
Women’s -67 kg

1 – Freymar Alejandra Marcano Duran (VEN)
2 – Alexis Daniel Arnoldt (ARG)
3 – Roio del Valle Romero Osorio (BOL)
3 – Sandra Juliet Vanegas Valderrama (COL)
Men’s -58 kg

1 – Sebastian Roberto Navea Gonzalez (CHI)
2 – Yohandri Jose Granado Gonalez (VEN)
3 – Luis Oblitas Toledo (PER)
3 – Paulo Ricardo Souza De Melo (BRA)
Men’s -80 kg

1 – Miguel Angel Trejos Salas (COL)
2 – Carlos Eduardo Rivas (VEN)
3 – Joanatan Adrian Rodriguez Suarez
3 – Paul Isaac Cornejo Guevara

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