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Congratulation message for WTM from TPF Chairman Dae-soon Lee

?? TPF Chairman Dae-soon Lee

I would like to give my sincere congratulations on the launching of World Taekwon Media and wish the very best to all its executives and staff members.

As the only English global Taekwondo news site, I expect WTM to do its very best for the promotion and development of Taekwondo all around the world.

With almost 200 members worldwide, communication and information sharing within the global Taekwondo community has become a necessity. That is why I hope that WTM will be able to gather diverse suggestions from both Korean and overseas Taekwondo communities, become a platform where a direction for the development of Taekwondo can be proposed and play an important role in building up a public opinion in regards to Taekwondo.

Furthermore, I look forward for WTM to contributing in the diffusion of Taekwondo’s genuine spirit and the Korean healthy culture to all the people around the world.

The Taekwondo Promotion Foundation is currently working hard to achieve the completion of the historic Taekwondo Park in 2013 with the help and support of the Taekwondo community, press and related businesses.

Within two years, we will be opening the Taekwondo Park, which is so yearned for by the global Taekwondo community, and we will all be praying for Taekwondo to remain as a core Olympic sport after the IOC General Assembly in 2013.

I cannot help but consider the launching of WTM as a very significant event at this moment where our national brand Taekwondo needs to keep its status as a global sport.

I hope that WTM will become a guide and a respectable argument platform for the Taekwondo media through its varied communications.

I kindly ask WTM to continue supporting Taekwondo and the Taekwondo Park and pray for its limitless progress.

Chairman of the Taekwondo Promotion Foundation
Dae-soon Lee

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