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Congratulation message from Kukkiwon President

?? Won-sik Kang, president of Kukkiwon.

I would like to express my sincere congratulations to World Taekwon Media.
In order for Taekwondo to breathe and progress with the public, the role of the press is extremely important.
The main obligation of the press is to gather the opinions of the Taekwondo community and publicize them, in order to create a topic and consequently set a shared goal, building cohesion within the Taekwondo society.
Through in-depth coverage and analysis, the specialized press must provide different alternatives and also be able to propose what the real concerns should be for the Taekwondo community.
For this, WTM, who laid their first step as a new Taekwondo-specialized press, will play an important role and hold a great responsibility.
Also, WTM is a specialized press in English that positions itself to the global Taekwondo society. They also represent the opinions of the worldwide Taekwondo Families. 
Aiming to become a representative of the Taekwondo Community, WTM must always remember its original purpose. Out of the overflowing amount of information, WTM must carefully select necessary information for the Taekwondo Community. I hope that WTM will also listen to the needs of the Taekwondo community and be their genuine spokesman without being partial. 
We kindly ask WTM to work together as a partner with Kukkiwon and contribute to the opening of a bright future for Taekwondo.
We hope WTM becomes a press that is loved by the readers and we wish all the families of the readers to be well and filled with happiness.

President of Kukkiwon
Won-sik Kang

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