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Costa Rica Open 2019 (G-1): Brazil rockets to 7 golds to top the standings

Costa Rica Open 2019 (G-1): Brazil rockets to 7 golds to top the standings

Mexico finishes in second place with 4 titles, while Canada and USA grab 2. Colombia takes 1

Day 3 – Report

Brazil confirmed its dominance in the event on the closing day, breaking the tie to 4 titles with Mexico and rocketing to a total of 7 golds thanks to the superb performance by 3 of its fighters on Saturday.

The Brazilian athletes who certified the triumph of their country in the Senior competition were: Joao Victor Diniz, who proved to be the best in Men’s -63 kg after defeating no other than Lucas Guzman from Argentina in the final; Lucas Ostapiv, who shone over the rest of fighters in Men’s -80 kg after edging Robledo fron Nicaragua in the crucial fight of the draw; and Gabriele Siqueira, who reigned in Women’s +73 kg after defeating Avila from Honduras in the last clash of the division.

Mexico couldn’t win any title on the closing day of the event and finished with 4, while USA and Canada were the other two nations to win more than 1 with 2. Colombia completed the group of champions with 1 gold medal.

Day 3 – Final Podiums

Women’s -46 kg

1 – Yvette Young (CAN)
2 – Monique Rodriguez (USA)
3 – Isabela Leitao (BRA)
3 – Ariana Portuguez (CRC)

Men’s -63 kg

1 –  Joao Victor Souza Diniz (BRA)
2 – Lucas Guzmán (ARG)
3 – Breven Park (CAN)
3 – Carlos Navarro (MEX)

Women’s -57 kg

1 – Skylar Park (CAN)
2 – Sandy Macedo (MEX)
3 – Gianella Evolo (ARG)
3 – Coralia Abadía (GUA)

Men’s -80 kg

1 – Lucas Ostapiv (BRA)
2 – David Robleto (NCA)
3 – David Silva (BRA)
3 – Thomas Rahimi (USA)

Women’s +73 kg

1 – Gabriele Siqueira (BRA)
2 – Keyla Avila (HON)
3 -Stefhane Raila Da Silva (BRA)

Day 2 – Report

Brazil and Mexico kept their tremendous fight for the lead in the medal count of the event after winning 2 more gold medals on Friday. Brazilian fighters managed to clinch 2 titles to rocket to a total of 4, while Mexican athletes grabbed 2 golds to make a total of 4 in the overall standings as well.

The other division of the day was dominated by USA, who accumulated its 2nd gold in San Jose.

The Brazilian representatives who lifted their country to the top were: Talisca Reis, who defeated her compatriot Lima in the Women’s -53 kg final; and Edival Pontes, who reigned in Men’s -74 kg after getting rid of Lizarraga from Mexico by 20-10. The Mexican athletes to reach the top of the podium were: Carlos Sansores, who dominated the Men’s -87 kg division after Lambdin’s (USA) withdrawal before the final; and Brandon Plaza, who added another Men’s -58 kg title to his collection after beating Melo from Brazil by a close 34-27.

Day 2 – Final Podiums

Women’s -67 kg

1 – Cheyenne Lewis (USA)
2 – Katherine Dumar (COL)
3 – Katherine Alvarado (CRC)
3 – Trinity Arlana Isabella Noble (USA)

Women’s -53 kg

1 – Talisca Reis (BRA)
2 – Leonor Lima (BRA)
3 – Mariana Castro Brenes (CRC)
3 – Carolina Araujo (BRA)

Men’s -58 kg

1 – Brandon Plaza (MEX)
2 – Paulo Melo (BRA)
3 – Pablo solano (CRC)
3 – Eduardo Baretta (BRA)

Men’s -74 kg

1 – Edival Pontes (BRA)
2 – Rene Lizarraga (MEX)
3 – Salvador Gutierrez Macedo (MEX)
3 – Joaquin Eugenio Espinosa Ramos (MEX)

Men’s +87 kg

1 – Carlos Sansores (MEX)
2 – Stephen Lambdin (USA)
3 – Guilherme Cesario Felix (BRA)
3 – Marco Escobar Samayoa (ESA)

Day 1 – Report

Brazil and Mexico were the two countries to stand out from the rest of participants in the 2019 edition of the Costa Rica Open, which kicked off on Thursday in San Jose with 1,300 athletes from 31 countries.

Both nations collected 2 gold medals, while USA and Colombia took 1 title each, completing the 6 Senior divisions in competition on the opening day.

The golden fighters for Mexico and Brazil on Thursday were: Pereira (BRA), who defeated no other than one of the biggest athletes in the Women’s -73 kg division, Maria Espinoza from Mexico, by 19-11 in the final; Daniela Souza (MEX), who beat Tang Sing from Brazil by a close 16-14 in the crucial fight of the draw; Cesar Rodriguez (MEX), who reigned in Men’s -54 kg after Jorge Hernandez withdrawal before the gold medal match; and Icaro Soares (BRA), who proved to be the best in Men’s -87 kg after getting rid of his compatriot Chaves in the final clash of the division.

Day 1 – Final Podiums

Women’s -62 kg

1 – Amanda Bluford (USA)
2 – Paulina Armeria (MEX)
3 – Leslie Soltero (MEX)
3 – Britney Morales (USA)

Women’s -73 kg

1 – Raiany Pereira (BRA)
2 – Maria Espinoza (MEX)
3 – Sarah Pride (USA)
3 – Raphaella Galacho (BRA)

Women’s -49 kg

1 – Daniela Paola Souza (MEX)
2 – Iris Tang Sing (BRA)
3 – Laura Sancho (CRC)
3 – Josipa Kadafar (CAN)

Men’s -54 kg

1 – Cesar Rodriguez (MEX)
2 – Jorge Ivan Hernandez (MEX)
3 – Leonardo Teixeira (BRA)
3 – Heiner Oviedo (CRC)

Men’s -87 kg

1 – Icaro Miguel Martins Soares (BRA)
2 – Joao Pedro Chaves (BRA)
3 – Gabriel Diaz (PUR)
3 – Luis Hernandez (CRC)

Men’s -68 kg

1 – David Felipe Paz Rocha (COL)
2 – Davilani Cunha (BRA)
3 – Ruben Nava (MEX)
3 – Jorge Hernandez (PUR)


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