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Daedo and KP&P present Head PSS at Taipei Arena

Daedo and KP&P present Head PSS at Taipei Arena

The Spanish brand Daedo and the Korean manufacturer KP&P have presented their e-head gears at the Taipei Arena on the occasion of the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games Qualifiers, which finished yesterday with Russia and Thailand on top of the table, and the World Junior Championships 2014, which will start tomorrow at the same venue.
The event has been presented by Mr Jean-Marie Ayer, Secretary General of the World Taekwondo Federation, who has thanked both companies for their continuated efforts in developing such an important technology for Taekwondo’s future. Mr Ayer has also stated that the WTF is planning on including the Head PSS in its official competitions soon, as it was explained by President Choue during the 25th WTF General Assembly, held last Wednesday in Taipei.

Daedo e-head demo

Both Daedo and KP&P carried on a presentation in front of several WTF authorities and referees, under the guidance of Mr Chakir Chelbat. After presenting their products’ features and advantages, each company has been able to perform three different demonstrations to show all the attendees how the awaited electronic head protectors work in real action situations.

KP&P e-head gear demo

The WTF representatives and all referees have been able to see how well both companies have developed their own products, which are able to detect around 95% of the hits made over the clavicle.
Daedo e-head protector has already been tested in relevant WTF competitions such as the Trelleborg and US Opens 2014.
Watch VIDEOS of Daedo E-Head Gear performance at Trelleborg Open 2014 here:

Video 1:
Video 2:
Watch VIDEOS of Daedo and KP&P demos at Taipei Arena on March 22nd 2014 here:

Daedo Demo

KP&P Demo


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  1. Sam

    I think it’s inappropriate to use this device. It is clearly to see that some of the actions which the competitor have done is not successfully improved on the score.
    To make a head attack had already be an uneasy way, if we start to this eletronic head gear will possibly cause the action more difficult then directly decrease the will for people to attack the head then make the competition less interesting.


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