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Daedo and KP&P sign new contract with WTF

Daedo and KP&P sign new contract with WTF

The Spanish company Daedo International and the Korean company KP&P have signed a new recognition contract with the World Taekwondo Federation that enables them to use their Protector and Scoring Systems (PSS) in all the competitions promoted and sanctioned by the WTF, including Continental and National Championships, during the next 2 years.
KP&P’s race for the recognition
KP&P PSS was recognized by the WTF last 23rd of October 2012 and was officially used for the first time at the Korea Open 2012, which was held between the 25th and the 28th of the same month. However, the Korean company’s system couldn’t be sold as a WTF recognized product until the end of January 2013.
The story of KP&P’s race for the recognition started back in 2009, when the Korean company presented its system for the first time during the 4th WTF demo test in Lausanne (Switzerland). One year later, on the 16th of December 2010, KP&P presented its PSS to the Korean Taekwondo Association (KTA), which has been using the system in its competitions since then. The Korean company did also successfully take part in the test event celebrated in Jeju (Korea) on the 22nd of January 2011, but its path to the official recognition was suddenly stopped when a problem with the measuring of the impact power happened at the Korea National Junior Championships 2012, held in Young Weul on the 10th of February 2012. After the incident, the WTF demanded a new test event to clarify if the system was ready to be used officially, which was done last September in Taebek, Korea.
Daedo’s background
On the other hand, Daedo PSS was officially recognized by the WTF in January 2010. Since then, the system of the Spanish company has been used in several official competitions around the globe, including the 5 Continental Olympic Qualifiers for London 2012.
Daedo PSS was also the chosen system to be used at the best Taekwondo competition ever: the London 2012 Olympic Games. The introduction of technology in London 2012’s Taekwondo competition had really positive effect on different aspects of our sport. Daedo Protector and Scoring System (PSS) and Dartfish Instant Video Replay (IVR) helped creating clearer and more objective parameters for the athletes in competition, leading to a change of trend based on more exciting and spectacular bouts. This mix of innovations turned Taekwondo into a spectacular sport that provided great television moments during the Games.”Through its work at the London Olympic Games, Daedo has greatly developed on a technical and general point of view. One cannot ignore the experience of having successfully performed at the Olympics competition”, stated WTF Competition Director Philippe Bouedo in a recent interview with WTM.
PSS common standard
The objective of the WTF is to create a PSS common standard that will technically unify both Daedo and KP&P systems, as having two recognized PSS brands with different standards would imply differences on the atheletes’ preparation for the Championships. The WTF wants to avoid variations in the final standings to be caused only because a certain PSS was used, so both companies will have to adapt to the approved technical specifications. To accomplish its goal, the WTF has scheduled a meeting at its office in Lausanne for the 13th of February that will be attended by representatives of both Daedo and KP&P, as well as the members of the WTF PSS Committee.

Picture of Daedo and KP&P feet protectors

List of WTF recognized products for year 2013
The World Taekwondo Federation has also announced today the list of WTF recognized products for year 2013. This is the complete list that has been published:
– Adidas
– Daedo
– Kwon
– Wacoku
– MJ Sports (JC) – including Poomsae uniforms
Protective equipment:
– Adidas
– Daedo
– Kwon
– Wacoku
– MJ Sports (JC)
– Adidas
– Daedo
– Kwon
– Taekwondo Family Corp.
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    So will the WTF be picking one EBP system? And how come Nike is not approved in any of the equipment categories?

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    La marca Pine Tree no esta homologada ni aprovada por la WTF????


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