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Daedo E-Head Gear, successfully tested at Trelleborg Open 2014

Daedo E-Head Gear, successfully tested at Trelleborg Open 2014

The Trelleborg Open 2014 was successfully held last weekend (8-9 February) at the Söderslättshallen Sports Center with the participation of around 1,250 athletes who came from 47 different countries to compete in the Senior, Junior, Cadet and Minor categories. The organizing committee of the event and Daedo did also use the occasion to test the Spanish brand’s E-Head Gear, which was used in the Junior division matches (398 competitors and 4 areas).
The E-Head Gears worked properly throughout the competition, not bothereing the normal development of the matches. The success of the E-Head Gear test satifsfied the athletes, coaches, spectators and specially the referees and judges present at Trelleborg Open 2014.
The use of the electronic head gear allows the impacts on the head to be automatically counted, as it happens with the PSS, a fact that makes the work of referees and judges much more confortable. By changing the minimum level of strength for valid hits, it is possible to avoid light impacts and simple brushes to be counted.

On Saturday, there were head hits counted in 120 of the 170 combats that were held in the Junior category. None of these 120 counted hits was erroneous, even though some actions needed to be judged with the video replay because the impact was made outside the competition rules. In those caes, the judges did not count the points.
In these 120 fights, there were also some cases in which the points were not automatically counted, that happened because wether the impact was made in the face and not in the head (a part of the body not covered by the gear) or the impact was made in the head, but with a part of the foot that has no sensor. Those impacts were successfully counted with the help of the video replay or by decision of the referees.
Before the first match including E-Head Gears started, Chakir Chelbat (President of the Referee Committee of the WTF) explained to all referees and judges the rules of use of the new feature. When a correct head impact is not counted automatically, the judges are allowed to ask for the video replay to check it. On the other hand, the coaches can also ask for the video replay when the referees have cancelled any action due to an error or for scoring points out of the competition rules.

The Test Event held in Trellebog proves that the use of Electronic Head Gears makes the counting of the head actions much more accurate, a fact that can level down the number of video replay requests, making the combats more fluent and dynamic.
On the second day of action (Sunday), a similar number of combats were held with no problems ocurring, as it happened on Saturday.
The Test Event of the Electronic Head Gears at the Trelleborg Open 2014 ended up being a great success, as it is expected to happen in the next one, which will be during the US Open 2014, to be held in Las Vegas next month.
Watch VIDEOS of Daedo E-Head Gear performance at Trelleborg Open 2014 here:
Video 1:

Video 2:


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