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Daedo Electronic Head Gear leaves good impressions in first official event

Daedo Electronic Head Gear leaves good impressions in first official event

Fair arbitration, drastic reduction of delays in competition

In order to implement a fair arbitration and reduce delays caused by the use of video replay, the WTF decided to use the electronic head gear for the first time in an official competition of the senior category.
The Daedo electronic head gear debuted the weekend past, 7-8 June, at the Open of Switzerland 2014, held in the Pavilion Centre Sportif de Grande-Vernes (Lausanne, Switzerland), increasing your chances of success and approaching one step closer to the Olympic Games in Rio.
During the two days of competition, Daedo electronic head gear scored clear kicks to the head, significantly reducing conflicts and mistrust arising in situations not entirely clear. In addition, expectations about the electronic head gear are much greater now that is has been proven to also reduce the delays caused by the use of video replay during the fighting.
Daedo electronic head gear level was established in 6-4: the first day competition took place with the 6 level and to not see any problem in the competition, the next day it was decided to change it to level 4, which also gave problems. In this way, continuity in the security and stability of the hull in the competition could be seen.
The Daedo electronic head gear used in this Switzerland Open is the result of various improvements after seeing that test events of the Trelleborg Open and US Open approximately 5% of hits were scored when they should not, and detect some problems during the presentation of the electronic head gear in Taipei last March.
Chuen Wook Park, Daedo President, said that “electronic head gears improved from the problems that were in the two test events and the presentation in Taipei have been used” and “has reduced to 0 to possibility of strokes that should not be scored is score”.
However, during the Switzerland Open aspects that need to be improved will have seen.
The main criticism is that the areas not covered by the town, and therefore, not covered by sensors do not detect shock and as a result they are not scored. Both the WTF and those who were present at the Open and Daedo agree with this point.

Official meeting during Swiss Open 2014

On the aspects to improve, the WTF will have a meeting with the referees after the Open and convey their views and comments to Daedo. Professor Jin Bang Yang said that “there have been occasions in which the hit to the Chin was clear, but there was no score”, so “will have to notify Daedo so that they can improve this aspect”.
Also, Prof. Yang added that “the role of arbitrators is important”, since “where there has been a clearly valid hit in an area not covered by sensors, should be the arbiter who detects it and for this we will have to continue to improve the education of referees”.
With respect to these comments, Chuen Wook Park responded that “have thought much about how improve the electronic head gear taking into account these problems even before the competition.” We are considering several solutions, such as putting sensors on the tape of the gear or extend the areas covered by sensors by modifying the design of the hull, but all of them will be consulted to the WTF and we will resolve the problems presented in this Open without fail.”
The general reaction of the people who were present at the Open was of “great expectations about how the WTF will reach its goal to get arbitration much fairer and reduce delays in competitions” and “If Daedo strives to improve some problems that have been seen here, there are many chances that the electronic heaed gear will be a success”.
Prof. Yang also commented that “the Daedo electronic head gear has exceeded my expectations, since he was concerned about some issues that have not occurred during this Open”. He also added that “arbitration is just important, but the IOC is concerned about the delays in fighting and I believe electronic gear to help reduce them significantly”.
Professor Yang in his first official competition concluded as “a success of the debut of the Daedo electronic head gear. If some points are improved, there will be good results in the future”.
Philippe Bouedo also called hull encantados Daedo as satisfactory debut, commenting that “the results of this Open are positive, although we must improve the theme of blows to the Chin that is not scored”.

Action at Swiss Open 2014 (G-1)

The impressions of coaches and competitors are also positive: “the electronic helmet Daedo has solved the problem of the time dedicated to claim points or no-puntos’s head with the video replay” (Suncheol Yoon, coach of the Italian national team); “at the beginning I had doubts if really the helmet puntuaría correctly, but I’m happy to have seen that my kicks to the head resulted in points of truth” (Hyeri Oh, South Korea competitor); “I’ve been able to increase attacks to head seeing that the electronic helmet eliminated situations that in the past might have been considered somewhat dubious” (Mahama Cho, competitor of the United Kingdom).
The Committee of PSS (WTF) met last Monday June 9 to evaluate the Daedo electronic Head Gear used at Switzerland Open and realize those aspects that Daedo should improve.
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