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Mungyeong 2015 CISM World Games – Day 3: China reigns with 4 golds followed by Iran and Brazil

Mungyeong 2015 CISM World Games – Day 3: China reigns with 4 golds followed by Iran and Brazil

Medal count

Day 3 – Report
China grabbed another gold medal on Saturday to rocket its balance to 4 titles and finished on top of the medal count of the event with 4 golds, 3 silvers and 2 bronzes. Egypt managed to clinch its second title in the last day of action, while Kazakhstan, France and Azerbaijan took its first and only golds.
Iran and Brazil finished in second and third position in the standings respectively, achieving a total of 2 golds each. Iran also took 4 silvers and 3 bronzes, while Brazil grabbed 1 silver and 3 bronzes.
The first gold medal on Saturday was taken by Abakarova from Azerbaijan, who clinched the Women’s -49 kg title after beating Chinese Li in the final by 1-0. The lower step of the podium was occupied by Abdelsalam from Egypt and Tanna Rodrigues from Brazil, the strongest athletes in the repechage.
The second title was achieved by the Egyptian Wahba, who defeated the Chinese Zhang by 8-5 in the Women’s -62 kg final, with Gaspa from Italy and Vasconcelos from Brazil reaching the bronzes of the division after the repechage.
The first male final was the Men’s -58 kg crucial fight, in which Mamayev took the first gold for Kazakhstan after getting rid of Hadi from Iran by 13-10. German Tuncat and Luisito Pie from Dominican Republic managed to taste bronze.
In Men’s -74 kg, Chinese Huang climbed to the top of the podium after edging Guliyev from Azerbaijan by 8-6, while Rafiei (IRI) and Kriveichenko (RUS) made their way to the bronze medals after the repechage stage.
The last final of the event comfronted Ndiaye from France against Bachmann from Germany by a close 13-12, leaving the bronzes to Ziani from Morocco and Lunevskii from Russia.
Day 3 – Final Podiums

Day 3 – Round by round results: M-58 / M-74 / M-87 / W-49 / W-62
Day 2 – Report
China grabbed two golds on Friday to jump over Iran and Brazil and lead the medal count of the 6th CISM World Games with 3 titles, which are being held in the Korean city of Mungyeong. The other 3 gold medals of the day were taken by Germany, Egypt and Tunisia, who hadn’t tasted gold yet in the event.
In the Women’s -57 kg division, Mengyu Zhang from China beat Froemming from Germany through a golden point in the final to climb to the top of the podium. The match had finished with a tie to 8 after the 3 regular periods. In this category, the bronze medals were awarded to Zhravleva from Russia and Araujo from Brazil, who proved to be the strongest athletes in the repechage.
In the Women’s -67 final, the Egyptian Elsawahly defeated Guo from China 6-4 to reach glory and give her country the first gold in the event, with the bronze medals being taken by El meslahy from Morocco and Akhlaghi from Iran.
Shuyin Zheng was the second Chinese athlete to win a title on Friday as she got rid of Russian Gurskaia by 7-2 in the Women’s -73 kg final. The only bronze medalist of the division was Rouhani from Iran, who won the repechage stage.
In Men’s -68, German Adnan Karim gave no chane to the rest of competitors as he beat Taghizade from Azerbaijan in the crucial fight by 9-5 to clinch gold. The lower step of the podium was occupied by Italian Treviso and Alrushaidi from Qatar.
The last final match to be played was the Men’s -80 kg gold fight, where Oueslati from Tunisia defeated Iranian Rajabi by a comfortable 17-8. The bronzes were taken by German Guelec and Chinese Pan.
Medal Standings so far

Day 2 – Final Podiums

Day 2 – Round by round results: M-68 / M-80 / W-57 / W-67 / W-73
Day 1 – Report
Brazil and Iran dominated the first day of competition at the 6th CISM World Games, which are being held in the Korean city of Mungyeong, after clinching 2 titles each out of the 6 in play, with China and Croatia taking the other 2 golds.
Brazilian Iris Silva Tang Sing tasted gold after beating Iranian Kiyanichandeh in the Women’s -46 kg final thanks to a golden point as the match had ended with a tie to 6 after the 3 regular rounds. The bronze medal of the division was taken by Choi from Korea, who defeated Canadian Yong 12-8 in the repechage.
In Women’s -53 kg, Lucija Zaninovic from Croatia proved to be the strongest after getting rid of French Liborio by 7-4 in the final, with Yu (CHN) and Bertucca (CAN) taking the lower step of the podium after the repechage rounds.
Donghua Li (CHN) dominated the Women’s +73 kg division after being able to beat no other than Gwladys Epangue (FRA) by 6-4 in the crucial fight. The bronzes were awarded to Rajher from Slovenia and Weiss from Germany.
Torres Teixeira won the second gold for Brazil after defeating Iranian Eshaghi in the Men’s -54 final by a spectacular and close 17-14, as Almershad (KUW) and Choi (KOR) managed to reach the bronze.
In Men’s -63, Yaghoubi (IRI) took revenge of his compatriot in the previous final after getting rid of Dias Alves (BRA) by a comfortable 8-1, with Pantar (SLO) and Jo (KOR) taking the two missing medals in the repechage.
The last final of the day, the Men’s +87 kg, was won by Iranian Mardani, who proved to be stronger than Wodzich from Germany after finishing the match over his rival by 8-6. The last 2 bronzes on Thursday were awarded to Isaev (AZE) and Moon (KOR).
Medal standings so far

Day 1 – Final Podiums

Day 1 – Round by round results: M-54 / M-63 / M+87 / W-46 / W-53 / W+73

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