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Burnaby 2016 World Junior Championships – Day 5: Iran wins 3rd gold as Russia grabs 2nd

Burnaby 2016 World Junior Championships – Day 5: Iran wins 3rd gold as Russia grabs 2nd

2016 WTF World Taekwondo Junior Championships
Burnaby, Canada
16-20 November 2016
Draws: click HERE
Day 5 – Report
Iran clinched its third gold of the event as Russia took its second in the last day of action at Burnaby 2016 World Junior Championships, which wrapped up last Sunday in Canada. Slovenia and Great Britain won their first title of the week to complete all the draws in competition.
Lauren Williams from Great Britain reigned in Female’s -68 kg after proving to be stronger than Khan from Russia in the big final of the division. In Female’s +68 kg, Pouremaeil from Iran had to beat Pan from Chinese Taipei to climb to the top of the podium, while in the Male’s categories in Sunday, Divkovic from Slovenia tasted glory in -78 after defeating Turkish Lazoglu for the gold as Russian Tandelov did the same against German Keselj in +78 kg.
The rest of medalists can be found on the information below.
Day 5 – Final Podiums
Female’s -68 kg
1 – Lauren Williams (GBR)
2 – Polina Khan (RUS)
3 – Kristina Cerina (CRO)
3 – Mi-Na Myeong (KOR)
Female’s +68 kg
1 – Zahra Pouresmaeil (IRI)
2 – Yun Ci Pan (TPE)
3 – Do-Hee Yoon (KOR)
3 – Rebecca McGowan (GBR)
Male’s -78 kg
1 – Partik Divkovic (SLO)
2 – Hasan Can Lazoglu (TUR)
3 – Yan Bai (CHN)
3 – Ho-Hyun Chun (KOR)
Male’s +78 kg
1 – Georgii TANDELOV (RUS)
2 – Aleksandar KESELJ (GER)
3 – Andrei GARBAR (UKR)
3 – Leandro SOUZA (BRA)
Day 4 – Report
The 4th day of action at Burnaby 2016 World Junior Championships wrapped up on Saturday with Korea grabbing its 5th gold medal of the event, Turkey taking its second title and Canada and Russia winning their first golds.
Skylar Park was the first local athlete to climb to the top of the podium after proving to be the strongest female in the -59 kg division, defeating one one of the favorites of the draw, Yeh from Chinese Taipei in the big final. In Male’s -68 kg, Sarmat Tcakoev from Russia gave no chance to the rest of fighters and tasted gold after getting rid of Kostenevych from Ukraine in the last match of the draw. The 5th title for Korea was taken by Seung-Min Lee, who had to defeat Karnuta from Russia in the Men’s -73 kg crucial fight to wave his nation’s flag again in Burnaby. In Women’s -63, Sogut from Turkey was able to give her country the second title in Canada after edging Blizniakova from Russia for the gold.
Day 4 – Final Podiums
Female’s -59 kg
1 – Skylar PARK (CAN)
2 – Yen Hsin YEH (TPE)
3 – Elizaveta FEDOROVA (RUS)
3 – Aysenur OZCAN (TUR)
Female’s -63 kg
1 – Seyma Sogut (TUR)
2 – Margarita Blizniakova (RUS)
3 – Nadja Savkovic (SRB)
3 – Parisa Javadi Kouchaksaraei (IRI)
Male’s -68 kg
1 – Sarmat Tcakoev (RUS)
2 – Kostiantyn Kostenevych (UKR)
3 – Ferhat Muhammet Saroglu (TUR)
3 – Aliaskar Aliyev (AZE)
Male’s -73 kg
1 – Seung-Min Lee (KOR)
2 – Sergey Karnuta (RUS)
3 – Zachary Hiebert (CAN)
3 – Ayoub El Yaqini (MAR)
Day 3 – Report
Chinese Taipei, China and Turkey won their first gold medals in Burnaby on the third day of action of the 2016 World Junior Champs as Iran managed to take its second title in the event. Chia-Ling Lo from Chinese Taipei dominated the Female’s -52 kg after beating Kvartalnaia from Russia in the big final, Lijun Zhou from China had to defeat the Croatian representative Beros in the Female’s -55 kg division gold medal match to taste glory, Hakan Recber climbed to the top of the Male’s -59 kg final podium after getting rid of Moroccan Lakehal in the last clash of the draw, while Amir Mohammad Bakhshi gave Iran its second title of the event after edging Russian Pushanko in the crucial fight of the Male’s -63 kg category.
Day 3 – Final Podiums
Female’s -52 kg
1 – Chia-Ling Lo (TPE)
2 – Ekaterina Kvartalnaia (RUS)
3 – Ikra Kayir (TUR)
3 – Laetitia Aoun (LIB)
Female’s -55 kg
1 – Lijun Zhou (CHN)
2 – Kristina Beros (CRO)
3 – Natalia Nikliborc (POL)
3 – Mobina Babalou (IRI)

Male’s -59 kg

1 – Hakan Recber (TUR)
2 – Omar Lakehal (MAR)
3 – David Nazaryan (RUS)
3 – Woo-Jin Choi (KOR)

Male’s -63 kg

1 – Amir Mohammad Bakhshi (IRI)
2 – Nikita Pushanko (RUS)
3 – Ferhat Can Kavurat (TUR)
3 – Joshua Liu (USA)
Day 2 – Report
Korea keeps shining at Burnaby 2016 World Junior Championships after adding 3 more gold medals to its count on Thursday, with Thailand taking the other title of the day thanks to Napaporn Charanawat’s victory over Swedish Bayaa in the Men’s -46 kg final. The Korean heroes on Thursday were Yu-Jin Kim, who took the first female’s gold for her country after reigning in Female’s -46 kg, Jun Jang, who climbed to the top of the Men’s -51 kg after getting rid of Soumeeh from Iran in the big final, and Chan-ho Jung, who proved to be the strongest athlete in Male’s -55 kg after edging Magomedov from Azerbaijan in the last match of the draw.
Today Friday will be the day for the Male’s -59 and -63 and Female’s -52 and -55 kg. Stay connected to WTM to know the latest results of the event!
Day 2 – Final Podiums
Female’s -46 kg
1 – Napaporn Charanawat (THA)
2 – Rim Bayaa (SWE)
3 – Abishag Semberg (ISR)
3 – Nuray Muratkyzy (KAZ)
Female’s -49 kg
1 – Yu-Jin Kim (KOR)
2 – Chia Yin Sung (TPE)
3 – Gabriela Briskarova (SVK)
3 – Daniela Paola Souza (MEX)
Male’s -51 kg
1 – Jun Jang (KOR)
2 – Ebrahim Safari Soumeeh (IRI)
3 – Sergei Kirsanov (RUS)
3 – Sheng-Lun Huang (TPE)
Male’s -55 kg
1 – Chan-Ho Jung (KOR)
2 – Gashim Magomedov (AZE)
3 – Houssam El Amrani (MAR)
3 – Ali Baseri (IRI)
Day 1 – Report
Korea took 2 out of 4 titles after Burnaby 2016 World Junior Championships Day 1 wrapped up last Wednesday with Female’s -42 and -44 and Male’s -45 and -48 categories being completed in the evening session. The two golden fighters for Korea on Wednesday were Jun-Seo Bae, who reigned in Men’s -45 kg after beating Chang from Chinese Taipei in the battle for the title and Jae-Hee Mok, who climbed to the top of the Men’s -48 kg podium after defeating Tangchatkaew from Thailand in the final. The other two nations to taste gold were Iran and Vietnam thanks to Katesari and Ho respectively.
Today Thursday will be the day for the Women’s -46 and -49 kg and Men’s 51 and 55 kg divisions. Stay connected to WTM to know the latest results!
Day 1 – Final Podiums
Female’s -42 kg
1 – Mobina Nejad Katesari (IRI)
2 – Irene Laguna Perez (ESP)
3 – Karina Ushakova (RUS)
3 – Sofia Zampetti (ITA)
Female’s -44 kg
1 – Thi Kim Ngan Ho (VIE)
2 – Maria Calderon (CRC)
3 – Abigail Faye Valdez (PHI)
3 – Derya Esme (TUR)
Male’s -45 kg
1 – Jun-Seo Bae (KOR)
2 – Cheng-Chun Chang (TPE)
3 – Yutthaya Khongkraphan (THA)
3 – Ayaz Ganbarli (AZE)
Male’s -48kg
1 – Jae-Hee Mok (KOR)
2 – Saran Tangchatkaew (THA)
3 – Georgios Ioannou (GRE)
3 – Ting Wei Tai (TPE)
Opening ceremony – Report
BURNABY, Canada (November 16, 2016) – The opening ceremony of the 2016 WTF World Taekwondo Junior Championships, which started its five-day run here today, highlighted the diversity of the Canadian west coast city of Burnaby and the World Taekwondo Federation.
In accordance with WTF tradition, it began with a parade of the national flags of the 102 countries in attendance. The flags were born by athlete/flag bearers, who passed across the field of play in front of an honor guard of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in full dress uniform. The Canadian national anthem was sung by a choir – then the ceremony proper got underway.

President Choue during WJC opening ceremony

Branded “United Cultures of Burnaby” the theme spoke both to the global nature of taekwondo and the multicultural society of the host city, whose residents speak over 100 languages and who hail from nations ranging from “Azerbaijan to Zanzibar.”
A native Canadian musical and wolf dance troupe, a Highland pipe and drum troupe and a drum, song and taekwondo troupe performed one after another, followed by another song by the choir.
WTF President Chungwon Choue then took the stage. “I am happy to be here in the wonderful city of Burnaby, with its warm welcome,” said Choue. “The junior championships are the roadmap to the 2020 Olympic Games: You are the future of taekwondo.”
He revealed that City of Burnaby Major Derek Corrigan and himself had recently signed a memorandum of understanding between the city and the Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation, or THF. The MOU, to assist refugees in Burnaby, will be a legacy project of the championships.
Corrigan then spoke. Having inaugurated Canada’s first-ever “Taekwondo Day” he is the holder of an honorary 6th dan taekwondo black belt. “But I have absolutely no taekwondo skills,” he joked. “So, if anyone picks on me I can only have an honorary fight!” He praised the life-building skills of taekwondo and urged participants to have a wonderful time.
Choue then presented Corrigan with a commemorative plaque.
The WTF flag was presented on the field of play. Standing beside the flag, U.S. and Canadian players read the Athletes’ Oath, followed by two Canadian referees, who read out the Referees’ Oath.
Members of the Burnaby Organizing Committees made a brief presentation then Choue inaugurated the global “Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation Challenge” – a board-breaking fundraiser dubbed branded, “Break Boards, Change Lives.”
Choue smashed a board, pledged a donation and challenged Corrigan. Corrigan won the biggest applause of the evening when he donated $5000 to the THF before breaking a board himself. In turn, he challenged Organizing Committee President Nancy Small, who broke a board – and challenged WTF Council Member Ali Sagirkaya.
The burly Turk was offered the thickest board of the evening. He generated huge laughs when – after flamboyantly measuring up against the board for a chopping attack – he smashed it with a butt from his (bald) head.
All that then remained was for the championships to be officially declared open. “This is a championship where the bar is going to be high for everyone who follows,” said Organizing Committee Chairman Paul McDonell. “It is my pleasure to declare the 2016 WTF World Junior Championships Open!”

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