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Denisenko: “I am tired of silver and bronze”

Denisenko: “I am tired of silver and bronze”

Russian Double Olympic and World medallist chats with WTM after winning bronze in Men’s -68 kg division at Manchester 2019

How do you feel after your second medal in a world championships?

I feel wonderful, of course I wanted more than the bronze when I came here to Manchester, but I can’t change the result. I’d like to have a better medal, but this is why I will work even harder from now on, I won’t give up on my objective to become world champion.

Do you have any regrets on your performance in the semi-final against Perez from Spain?

I don’t have any regrets, what happened is already in the past and all the little things I have to change to make a step forward I will have to do them on the next fight, so I don’t think about the past anymore, I am focused on the future already.

Denisenko (blue) at Rio 2016 Olympics

You are now Olympic silver and bronze medallist and world silver and bronze medallist as well. How much do you want that gold medal?

(Laughs) Of course I’d like that to happen. I have some bad feeling about this, I am tired of silver and bronze, but the best gold medal in every sport is the Olympic title and I am still capable of achieving it at my age.

Are we talking about Tokyo?

Yes! The Olympic gold medal is my main goal, I would say it is the goal of my life, and Tokyo 2020 is just one year away now.

When will you begin your training for the Olympics?

We will begin the training as soon as possible, I would say tomorrow. The final battle will be there, at the Olympics.

Lee (KOR), Gonzalez (ESP), Mñoz (COL) and Denisenko (RUS) at London 2012 | Men’s -58 kg podium

Are you comfortable with the way Taekwondo is evolving?

I am totally in support of the progress of Taekwondo, I think our sport is adapting to the new times step by step, like the rest of sports, and I am happy to be living this new era of Taekwondo, it is my time to shine.

Last night we saw a controversial match decided by penalties against one of the fighters. What is your opinion on that?

First of all, I want to make it clear that I am not judging a sportswoman, I am a sportsman as well and we have to respect each other. But in my opinion, that fight was decide by the referee. The result can’t be changed, though. Bianca is the world champion and the Chinese fighter will have her chance for revenge soon, I am sure.


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