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Dr Choue complete final speech at 25th WTF General Assembly

Dr Choue complete final speech at 25th WTF General Assembly

Read here the complete closing speach given by Dr Chungwon Choue, President of the World Taekwondo Federation:
“Dear Colleagues,
First of all, thanks to all of you for coming here; thanks to you all for joining this General Assembly; and thanks to you all for making great contributions.
It is always a great pleasure to meet you and share ideas, both formally and informally. The friendship we share is special and these gatherings are among my happiest moments. I hope you feel same.
At the dawn of 2014, I asked myself if I have been serving the presidency well and if I have been serving you well, for this year marks my 10th anniversary at the helm of the WTF.
Being the president of the World Taekwondo Federation is truly a pleasure because I feel that I work with family and friends. You are my family and friends.
Not many people would question the success of taekwondo and the WTF over the last decade. We accomplished many things – and I say “we” because none of these achievements are down to a single person.
This reflects our strength as an organization. I would say our strengths are threefold: unity, respect and trust.
When taekwondo was named one sport likely to be cut from future Olympics, we united to prove them wrong. We, not they, were proved right in the end.
We owe our success to this spirit of unity, respect and trust, and this spirit is now set in stone as a core tradition of the WTF. I am proud to have built this tradition with you.
I am certainly not smarter than anyone else sitting here! So, I believe that I was elected based on your confidence and trust in me in uniting this organization. Disharmony is not tolerated in the WTF.
At the IOC Session in Sochi,Russia on Feb. 4-6, the members of the IOC opened a debate on the new paradigms of the IOC: the so-called “Agenda 2020.”
It is not only us, the WTF, who are moving forward: the entire sports world is ever-changing and ever-evolving. We are ahead of the curve, but we must resist complacency.
A sense of crisis united us in difficult times. Now, the crisis has passed. But we will not sit back. Let us re-forge our unity as we step forward to take on more leading roles, beyond the WTF and in the wider global circles of international sports.
If we maintain our core strengths – trust, respect and unity – there is nothing we cannot achieve.
Thank you again for joining the General Assembly. I will see you all again at the next General Assembly in Chelyabinsk, Russia.
Thank you.”
Source: WTF

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