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Dr Choue, grateful to the Taekwondo Global Family

Dr Choue, grateful to the Taekwondo Global Family

The new President of the KTA (Korea Taekwondo Association), Tae-Hwan Kim, officially assumed his position last 19th of March at the K-Art Hall of Seoul’s Olympic Park in a mass act that was attended by nearly 500 people. Among them, standed out the presence of the WTF President, Dr Chungwon Choue, who wanted to personally support Kim in such an important day.
Before giving his congratulation speech, President Choue used the occasion to thank all the members of the Taekwondo global family for their collaboration and implication in reaching our sport’s main objective for the last 4 years: the permanence within the Olympic Programme which was announced last February 12th. To show his gratitude to all of them, Dr Choue decided to wave them with a reverence, an exceptional act for a high authority as him that surprised the audience. Choue explained that his reverence was aimed to compensate the fact that he couldn´t visit the Taekwondo authorities last February as he had many obligations to accomplish. The audience understood then the reason for such an unexpected act.

WTF President Chungwon Choue giving his speech

During his speech, President Choue also explained that the first thing he did when he knew the permanence of Taekwondo, was calling his predecessor and WTF founder, Kim-Un Yong, to share his happiness with him. Despite Yong had been previously informed of the news, he was thankful to Choue’s call. The audience gave a vigorous applause when Choue revealed this story, as it shows the will of Taekwondo to remain united.
Other relevant members of the Taekwondo Family worldwide, such as Won-Sik Kang, President of Kukkiwon, Jhong-Shin Bae, President of Taekwondo Promotion Foundation, Lee Dae Sun, President of the Asian Taekwondo Union, and Mr. Kim, President of the Korean Olympic Committee, were also present at the K-Art Hall during the event. All of them were accompanied by different personalitites of the country, such as the Vice-Minister of Culture and Sports, Mr. Park, 10 Congressmen and relevant members of the Korean sport.
One of the possible candidates for the WTF Presidential elections, congressman Hong-Moon Jong, wanted also to be present in the event. Jong, member of the current governing party in Korea, is considered as one of the closest persons to the President of Korea, Geun-Hye Park. Jong and Dr. Choue are expected to give a press conference between the 25th and 27th of March to explain their thoughts about the upcoming elections.
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