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Dr Choue: "Puebla 2013 will be the best Taekwondo competition ever”

Dr Choue: "Puebla 2013 will be the best Taekwondo competition ever”

The WTF and the Mexican Taekwondo Federation (FMTKD) oficially presented the Puebla 2013 World Championships in a press conference held today at the Exhibition Center of the Mexican City.
The event was attended by Dr Choue, WTF President, Juan Manuel López Delgado, FMTKD President, Jean-Marie Ayer, WTF SG, Chakir Chelbat, WTF Referee Committee Chief, Dai Won Moon, Chief of the Technical Committee, and Ximena Mata, Director of the Municipal Sports Institute of Puebla.
President Choue stated that he expects Puebla 2013 to be the “best Taekwondo event ever”, as in his opinion, the venue conditions here in Puebla “are even better than in the London 2012 Olympics”. Dr Choue wanted also to highlight the impressive numbers that the competition holds, with 146 countries and almost 900 athletes involved.
President Choue was also questioned about the evolution of our sport and the upcoming changes that will affect the competition schedule and the technical aspects of Taekwondo. Dr Choue commented that the major step forward for the sport is the introduction of the Grand-Prix Series within the WTF calendar, starting next December with the first edition of the competition, to be held in Manchester, UK.
The Grand-Prix will give the best Taekwondo athletes worldwide the chance to become real sporting stars, as they’ll be able to compete against other top players much more often, a fact that will help Taekwondo becoming a “much more media friendly” in Dr Choue’s words.
President Choue did also point out the excellent contribution that both the PSS and Instant Video Replay systems are bringing to our sport, making it “completely transparent, fair and objective”. In this sense, it needs to be highlighted that Puebla 2013 has added a new feature to the IVR requests, as the athletes competing in the combat, the coaches and all the spectators are now able to watch the video replay that the officials use to determine if a IVR request goes is accepted or not.
He also highlighted as important changes, the authorization to compete in octagonal shaped competition areas, which was presented at yesterday’s General Assembly, and the future reform of the competition uniforms, a project in which an ad-hoc WTF Committee is already working.
When questioned about the upcoming IOC Session in Buenos Aires, scheduled for next September, Dr Choue declared he was “confident” that the decision to keep Taekwondo within the Olympic Programme, which was taken last February in Lausanne, would be confirmed there. He also stated that WTF is considering to ask permission to the IOC to extend the number of Olympic weight categories to “at least 5”, as it happens in the Youth Olympic Games.
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