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Dr Choue, reelected WTF President

Dr Choue, reelected WTF President

Dr Chungwon Choue has been reelected WTF President for the fourth consecutive term of office at the WTF General Assembly 2013, held today at Puebla  Exhibition Center (Mexico).
After Moon-Jon Hong’s withdrawal  two weeks ago, Dr Choue was the only candidate running for Presidency, so he’s been elected by unanimity.
President Choue has been in charge of the Taekwondo Worldwide organization for the last 11 years, having actively contributed to the evolution and modernization of our sport and having secured Taekwondo’s presence in the Olympic Games until 2020.
WTF Council
The composition of the new WTF Council, the group of representatives that will lead our sport during the next 4 years, was also announced during the WTF General Assembly.
President Choue confirmed 4 representatives from Asia, 4 from Europe, 3 from America, 2 from Africa and 1 from Oceania as the new members of the WTF Council. This is the complete list of members:
–          Mohamed Ahmed Khalifa Al Sulaiti QAT
–          Hazem Ahmed Awaad Naimat JOR
–          Kyu Seok Lee KOR
–          Kook Hyun Jung KOR
–          Metin Sahin TUR
–          Jesús Castellanos ESP
–          Anatoly Terekhov RUS
–          Roger Piarulli FRA
–          Juan Manuel Delgado MEX
–          María Borello GUA
–          Dai Won Moon MEX
–          Driss El Hilali MAR
–          Issake Ide NIG
–          Tae Kyung Kim NZ

Anatoly Terekhov, grateful for his nomination

Host sites for upcoming WTF events
During today’s General Assembly, 4 major WTF upcoming events confirmed their host site. Thus, Bali (Indonesia) was confirmed as the WTF World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships 2013 (October 31 – November 3), Abidjan (Ivory Coast) was announced as the organizing city of the 2013 WTF World Cup Taekwondo Team Championships (November 28-30), Manchester (UK) was confirmed as the host city of the 2013 WTF World Taekwondo Grand-Prix (December 13-15) and New Taipei City (Chinese Taipei) was announced as the host city of the WTF Qualification Tournament for Nianjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games and 10th WTF World Junior Taekwondo Championships.
Competition Rules changes
Before the election procedure, the WTF General Assembly did also approve some relevant changes on the competition rules. The most significant modification concerns the competition area, which from now on will also have the chance to be octagonal shaped. The octagonal-shape will have to measure 8m in diameter between each facing sides, and each side should measure 3.3 meters. The 8m x 8m area remains as a valid contest area option as well.
The rest of rule changes approved at the Puebla WTF GA will be soon available on WTF’s website, which has been recently redesigned.
205 MNAs
The WTF Council held yesterday in Puebla did also approve the request from the Kosovo Taekwondo Federation to become a Member National Association of the WTF, becoming the 205th MNA of the organization.
Pau Aguilar

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  1. chloe harper

    i think this new “council” as you call it, lacks diversity.
    why is there two korean members and two mexican members (one who happens to be a korean as well) as part of the council? doesn’t that mean there is a lack of diversity also a lack of voice in terms of other nations that should be part of the council?
    this council seems flawed and unbalanced – in terms of having the word “World” as part of the “World Taekwondo Federation” – its obvious that it lacks the worldliness that it strives to be.


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